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Friday, 10 August 2012

Fashion Friday: Currently Craving

I am always wanting something, and as I've been shopping quite a lot this week, I thought I would show you a few things that have really caught my eye.

First up this Mickey Mouse Jumper from River Island. I love Disney, I love claret, and I love jumpers, so this is my perfect combination. I think it will look great in Autumn.

The scarf from Dorothy Perkins is soo pretty, you can't see the picture, but it has lots of Parisian pictures on the bottom, and it looks so gorgeous. Plus, I love a good scarf.

This Topshop jumper is amazing, and I even tried it on, and fell more in love with it, but it costs £42 which is just too much at the moment. Hoping it will pop in the sale soon. I really love it.

I've always wanted some Converse, but I'm really liking these boat style navy shoes from River Island, and I think I would wear them more too.

And finally, I love this coat from Topshop. Not my usual style, but I think its so cute!

What are you lusting after at the moment?


I was recently contacted by a site called Mallzee, and was asked if I would mention them on my blog, and as I liked the idea, I thought I would give you a little insight too. It is basically a online shopping website (who doesn't like shopping?) which means you and friends can shop online together, whilst also getting paid to do so. Sounds good no? Here is what the press release says:

'Mallzee is all about making shopping social. Users create their own online mall (Mallzee) by  picking their favourite brands and stores. Our fancy technology then finds products suited to their tastes to showcase. Once they have built their Mallzee they are then able to invite their friends to shop with them, talk about products in chat, promote their Mallzee or brand choices on Facebook/Twitter and thanks to our group buying power receive some great discounts for their friends. This will apply to beauty products also. 

Plus as an added bonus - the user who built the Mallzee gets paid whenever they or their friends buy anything via it. '

You can sign up now to be alerted when the the site goes live here:

Will you be signing up? 

Happy Friday :)

Laura xoxo

*Not sponsored, I just really like the idea of Mallzee :)


  1. I love the mickey mouse jumper x

  2. I want that green jumper so much I could cry. Well, not really...maybe. you should get the boat shoes, would look nice with leggings :) xxxx

    1. I keep going in and just staring at it :(
      I'm really thinking about it :)


  3. that jumper is so nice. You should just buy it.

    1. Waah, it is too much dolla :( Need the rich husband to buy it really :/


  4. lovely blog you have here! :) really like it!

    check me out if you can :')
    x x x


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