Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ideas of adult life would be like VS actual adult life

I rarely call myself an adult. I still live at home with my parents, sleep with a cuddly toy and throw a tantrum if I'm over tired (or things don't go my way!)

However, when facing facts I'm 22, in a full time job and need to start thinking properly about my life! (I've had more quarter life crisis' in the last few months then I thought possible.)

Whether it's due to the fact that the economy is a lot different to when I was growing up or whether my parents did a much better job at pretending adult life was fun, things are definitely not how I thought they would.

When I was younger: By 22 I would've finished uni have a great job and be living in my own place.

Actual Life: I managed to finish uni, and find a job (which I know I'm incredibly lucky in doing), but I will probably be living with my parents for the best part of my twenties.
To be honest, I love my parents and don't actually mind living with them at all, but who knew houses were so expensive, and renting basically means it's even harder to save for a deposit. Also, you have to get a deposit then pay a mortgage, you don't just buy the house! Who knew?!?

When I was younger: I wish I was older so I can buy everything I want to.

Actual life: I wish I had more money so I can buy everything I want to.

When I was younger: Being able to drive is so cool, you can go anywhere.

Actual life: Being able to drive is so cool, and I can go anywhere, as long as I have enough petrol, and I've paid my car tax, and I've got enough money saved for my insurance. Oh what's that? I need new tyres? There goes my savings again.

When I was younger: I wish I got more post.

Actual life: Oh great, another bill, a leaflet, more bills, I'm entitled to a credit card.... more bills.

When I was younger: Eugh, coffee is gross.

Actual life: Eugh, coffee is gross.  

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

The best of... Lipsticks

This year, for me at least, has been the year of the lipsticks. I couldn't get enough of the stuff. Formerly the women addicted to eyes, I'm now all about the lips.

 So, as the year's coming to a close (can you say Christmas?!?) I thought I'd do a round up of all the lip products I've been loving. 

Favourite high end: YSL Rouge Volupte in 13

Favourite high street: Rimmel Moisture Renew in Notting Hill Nude

Favourite matte: MAC Ruby Woo/Rimmel Kate Matte 101

Favourite bold: Rimmel Appocalips in Stellar

Favourite liquid: Loreal Extrodinare 101 Rose Melody

Favourite brand: Rimmel Moisutre Renew

Comfiest: No7 BB Lips

Most used: No7 BB Lips

What have been your favourites this year?


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Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to make the most out of your University experience

Whilst the start of term is well and truly underway now, I thought that today I'd impart some wisdom on you which I wish I could've told myself whilst I was at uni. So, whether you're a fresher just getting used to your new surrounding or a third year who thinks they've got things down, listen up!

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket: This can be for so many things, friendship groups, groups you sign up for, lectures, seminars, work experience etc... I'm really bad for staying in my comfort zone. I find it hard to juggle lots of different groups of friends, so whilst I uni I stuck to just one, which backfired as others started to fall out. It's important to talk to and be friends with as many people as possible. You grow up and change and uni and others do too. Picking lectures because you know the lecturer will pass you or because you remember the subject from A-Level won't stretch or challenge you, try something new!

Do ask for help when you need it: University is completely different from any other type of education, and I don't think you're prepared for it enough at school. It can be tricky and difficult to adapt, but rather than struggling in silence, find somebody to ask who can help you.

Don't forget to get a good nights sleep: Sleep is so important, and whilst going to bed at 3am and waking up at 3pm still gives you plenty of hours, it's going to be a real struggle once you're in the real world. Also, a snooze in the middle of a lecture is not classed as a good night sleep!

Do ensure you look for work and/or work experience: Everyone and their mother has a degree these days so it no longer sets you apart once you enter the world of work. Whilst it may not feel like it uni gives you the most free time you're ever going to have, make use of the days where you have no lectures and go get some experience. It will really help you once you leave.

Don't forget to enjoy it: Make the most of every opportunity presented to you, do as much as you can and make as many memories as possible. It's a once in a life time experience, make the most of it.


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Review: No7 Lash Impact Mascara

I've had a love affair with many mascaras in my time. I've flitted and flirted with many, and this year I decided to give the No.7 Lash Impact a try.

Why this mascara I hear you ask? Because it's in a red sparkly tube, duh! Plus it was on offer.

I was sceptical to begin with, however I've found that I actually really like it. Proof that love can happen when you least it expect it.

The brush is right up my street. Nothing fancy, no weird shape just big, fat bristles. It goes onto my lashes easily and coats every last lash.

I've found it doesn't smudge. gives me nice volume and length, and I really like it. I find that it doesn't give me clumpy spiders legs, rather accentuates what I already have.

Will I be repurchasing? Only time will tell!

Have you tried this?

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lessons you learn after leaving further education

I'm now into my second year as a working person (I say person, as I definitely don't feel like an adult) and thought I'd share my thoughts (you could even call them life lessons) with you, on life after further education.

A weekend with no plans is actual bliss. Loud clubs, late nights and poorly heads VS well rested and binge watching Gilmore Girls = No competition. Plus the occasional night out you go on will either be a) more fun as you haven't done it in a while or b) a reminder you how great your life and bank balance is now you've stopped going out every week/night.

Nobody actually cares what you do/say/wear! They're too busy thinking about themselves. (To be honest, this still counts at uni too.) What counts now is how you act! If you're hard working and dedicated, no one will care if you have your hair scraped up and no make-up on.

Building up a savings is hard, but you should always try and save as much as you can each month.

Reading is actually really fun, when it's not forced.

A 10am lecture is not early. Starting work at 7am is. Speaking of which, there are two 7 o'clocks in a day, just F.Y.I.

Having lots of Facebook friends doesn't mean you have lots of friends.  Culling my friends list was the most cathartic thing I've done. A good rule of thumb is, if you don't recognise anybody in a picture, delete them.

You don't know how lucky you are with all the free time you get. One, three hour lecture a day is nothing; try an 8 hour day with an hour long commute, five days a week. However you do get a sense of pride for actually doing something with your time.

You'll realise that missing an episode of TV is not life or death! You may even find you don't have time for TV, and don't even miss it.

Your first job may not be your dream job, but take what you can! It's tough at the moment and any source of income is important. You can always apply for other things after.

There's more to life than make-up, hair, clothes and shoes! (Who knew!) 

The real world isn't that bad!

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

The perfeft night in

With the nights and mornings slowly closing in on us, this is the perfect time of year to hunker down and start getting reacquainted with our homes and beds (like I need another excuse.) Therefor today I bring you, the perfect night in.

There is no better feeling than coming home, shutting the door to the world (and the cold) knowing that you don't have step foot out of it again until the next day (or more if you're lucky!) Kicking off your heels, or footwear of choice, wiggling off your bra from under the top your wearing and undoing the button on your trousers or skirt, you can finally allow yourself to breathe.

Off to the bedroom you go to swap your constricting garments to ones that allow you to snuggle down and let things flow. The more colourful and fluffy the better.

Here's where you have a choice, do you get down and cosy in your nice warm bed, or take the food you've just brought home with you (that nice big greasy take away) back to the lounge, where you can lie freely and watch crappy TV. 
Life's full of tough decisions.

After making your choice you begin tucking in to the delicious feast you've got with you. You eat and eat and feel the warm food slowly making its way down; warming you up from the inside out.  Part way through you realise that your eyes are bigger than your belly, but you power through in a Man Vs Food fashion until you cannot move your arm to your mouth once more.

If you chose the to consume your food anywhere other than your bed you now regret this decision as the thought of moving anywhere right now is too difficult to comprehend. You either roll your way to your bed, or decide to snuggle up under a blanket where you are and wait for the food to go down a bit more.

Wherever you are you slowly drift to sleep without realising and wake up half way through which ever TV show you were watching. A quick glance for the remote sees you either turning off the TV or deciding to live with it, before turning over and falling into a peaceful slumber, ready for the next day ahead.

Oh I do love Autumn!

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