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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Postcard From: Paris

It's happened, I've been bitten by the Wanderlust bug. I have a list as long as my body of places I'd now like to visit, but as I've got car insurance to save for first, I thought I'd show you a few lots of my pictures from when I went to Paris at the end of November last year, and hopefully begin a new series of 'Postcard From' on my blog.

We went: Paris (22/11-25/11/14)

Our hotel was pretty nice actually. It wasn't too expensive and was just a short walk from the Arc De Triomphe and an even shorter walk from a Sephora. It was close to a metro stop, and the next stop along was a main station which meant travelling was easy. Staff were pleasant and friendly, the only thing I'd say is, don't bother having breakfast there, it's not worth the price.

We got there via the Eurostar, which was a first for me, however I can't believe how simple it was. I'd maybe look into getting a taxi to/from your hotel if you've got a lot of bags as trying to get the Metro with a tonne of bags is stressful. 

We found: 

1) There is hardly any supermarkets (that we could find), but tonnes of pharmacies. Great for stocking up on French skincare, not so great if you want some food.

2) You probably only need one 'carnet' ticket between two of you. We thought they'd be like an oyster card so asked for two and ended up with lots of Metro tickets. Just don't try to leave zone 2 with them, they won't work.

3) You can pretty much do all the main sites just by walking. On our first day we walked from the Arc De Triomphe to the Eiffel Tour, to Tour Montparnasse to Jardin du Luxemburg to Notre Dame, to the Pantheon with other sites thrown in along the way.

I really think that Paris may be one of my favourite cities, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

We finished our trip at the most magical place ever, but maybe I'll save that for a different post.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Ten thoughts I have whilst running

Last July I began a whole new health and fitness journey (which you can read about here) and in October I began running. Now I've found that I actually like running and tend to go out around three times a week. Here I'd thought I'd share with you the ten thoughts that tend to circle my mind each time I head out the door.

1) Come on, you can do this. This is going to be great.

2) Wow, I must've been running for ages now, surely I'm nearly finished. Wait, it's only been 3 minutes?

3) *Going downhill* Wow, this is quite easy actually, yeah this is fun, I can run for miles.

4) *Going uphill* Oh fresh hell what is this? How does anyone do this? 

5) Just think of how toned your bum will be at the end. Yes all the flab will be gone and you'll be left looking like Kim K. Think of the booty Laura.

6) I swear that snail was behind me a minute ago...

7) You're still going faster than everyone sitting on the sofa. Oh the sofa, how I wish I was there, with cake, watching Friends. Run faster Laura, your sofa needs you.

8) I'm nearly finished, yes! So close, maybe I should speed up a bit. 

9) Wow, where has all this energy come from? I may as well try and go a bit farther.

10) PB, yes! I love running! I can do anything. I am SuperWoman.

All the endorphins. 

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Why you don't need to have all the make-up

Before I started blogging and when I'd just found the online beauty world on YouTube and my make-up collection could fit into a little cube. I also couldn't properly apply concealer and had no idea about powder, but that's a different story. 

The day after I watched my first video (it was a Tanya Burr one) I went down to my local Superdrug and tried to find products that replicated the ones she used in the video. I bought some brushes that looked similar, an eyeshadow palette and a new lipstick. It was all very exciting; well until I realised that the way I did it looked nothing like how she did.

I then watched more videos, ones to try and hone my technique, ones that showed different ways of applying make-up and in each one I was shown countless products, brushes and make-up accessories. Oh I lusted after MAC palettes and Dior lipsticks. 

I then started thinking why can't I have them? I had money (well a student loan, and we all know that's not real money) so decided I was going to start buying these products used in videos. So I did; and that is where my make-up buying began.

Once my make-up buying started to happen I also had this blog, and fully believed I had to have every product under the sun so I could review it on my blog and share my thoughts with the world. I didn't see anything wrong with it, and why would I? Everyone else was doing it! I was presented with blog upon blog and video after video of people spending the majority of their money on Topshop clothes and high-end make-up and I wanted to be like these people too. 

It was fun having a different make-up look each day for uni, spending the time to plan out what eyeshadow would go with which blusher and what lipstick would compliment the look. But you see, I've grown out of that a bit now. Watching a haul video doesn't make me want to run out to Selfridges and I haven't used my last two lots of Boots points vouchers. I've changed.

I've come to realise I don't need any new make-up as I already have far too much. I've had a good clear out recently and my make-up is still in drawers, no chance of fitting in the little cube I once started with. 

I think I was finally struck by the realisation that I'm not a make-up artist and no-one really needs that much make-up, especially if you don't wear it daily.

So for now, whilst I haven't restricted myself from buying anything new, I'm making a concerted effort to not buy anymore make-up until my collection is back to being able to go into a cube.

It just seems right. Plus, there are so many better things to spend money on.

So, if you're reading this, new to the blogging world, please, take my advice; don't buy every make-up item you see mentioned, you really don't need it all. 

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Friday, 16 January 2015

My Current Obsession: Superheroes

I've always been the kind of person that couldn't just like something, they became obsessed with it. From TV shows (like Charmed) to social media sites (like Pinterest) I was all or nothing; and that's kind of continued. So today, I'm sharing with you, my latest obsession, Superheroes. 

Now I'm not talking comic books and figurines, I'm talking TV shows (of course!). Having a boyfriend obsessed with the Marvel and DC universes meant I was taken to the cinema to see new releases of Iron Man and Captain America, and I must admit I enjoyed them. I then saw an advert for 'Arrow' and thought it was a Robin Hood spin off so asked him if we could watch it. Of course he said yes, but that's because it's actually based on the Green Arrow superhero.

Now, whilst I admit I was at first captivated by the drool worthy male leads, I've actually found I love the show. It has action, a bit of romance and it's totally kick ass. I get excited to watch it, learn the new plot twists and end up wanting to learn self-defense after. When the creators made another series called The Flash I was genuinely excited and I'm seriously enjoying that too. Especially as it's a bit more lighthearted than Arrow.

So then I decided I'd catch up on all the Marvel films, and loved it, a lot. To me Marvel has the right balance between bit of comedy and cool kick ass fights. DC films to me are just a bit too dark. I think it helps that Marvel is owned by Disney. This then led me to watching all of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D over my Christmas break. 32 episodes in 8 days, yes it was that good. My obsession was strong. The women in it were fierce, like seriously bad ass. They made me want to go out and buy a black v-neck top so I could wear it with black jeans and harness their coolness. Again, the right level of action vs humor. 

And now there is Agent Carter, which again is a bad ass woman kicking bum. 

I never in a million years thought I'd be this into superheroes, and whilst I still can't get my head around comic books and won't be dabbling in cosplay anytime soon, I definitely think I've found my new favourite genre. (I'm still watching Gossip Girl & Gilmore Girls on the side though, & Scandal!) 

If you haven't checked out any of these shows and need either a) someone to drool over or b) a show to make you feel empowered; get watching.

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Small fish, bloody ginormous ocean syndrome

Another blog post that I feel compelled to write that explains my lack of blogging. I know, it's kind of like that's all this blog has become; but it's something I hope once written down and out on the big bad web I'll feel a little clearer.

I've seen many bloggers talking about how much blogging has changed in the last couple of years, and it really has. I remember when I first fell into this world even the biggest of bloggers still had mainstream jobs and just blogged on the side. Whilst there was still a little competition to rise to the fame of these bigger bloggers it was more to see if you could get more free stuff, not to make a full on living from your blog and become an Internet celebrity. With the popularity of blogging growing, so has the number of people trying their hand it (which I am in no way dissing, this was something I did!).

This means that blogging is a whole different ball game to what it was back when I started. Of course there was the little competition between new blogs of who could get the most followers via GFC, who had the most comments etc. and those who say the numbers don't bother them are lying. It's nice seeing people getting involved in something you're doing, and the more people the better you feel. It's a way of life, and one of the reasons why people are so obsessed with social media, its nice to feel 'liked' and wanted. (There are actual studies on this, if you wanted to read more about it.)

Now, however, GFC is gone and in it's place are a multitude of different platforms which you need to appear to have a massive following on. It's not enough for your post to get a comment on the bottom (if anything this has disappeared, and I'm guilty of not commenting anymore) you need to have the post shared on social media, re-tweeted on Twitter, liked on Facebook. Not only that, your post has to stand out from the thousands similar floating around.

It's tough! Well at least I think it is. I think we'd be lying if we said we didn't want our blog to be a success. We want to see rewards for the time and effort we're putting into something. Yes it's fun, and that should be enough, but when you see others being sent lots of nice freebies or going to fancy launches and even making a living from their blog, you can't help but want some of that; surely?

Of course there are things you can do to help make your blog a success, spend time creating new and exciting content, take the time to share it on social media, be sociable on social media etc. but a lot of it is just down to luck.

For me, I work in social media and the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend more time working on social media. I mean I looove going on Instagram and Pinterest etc. but having to use it in the same way I do at work just doesn't excite me; and I'm not very lucky. So I've been left thinking what's the point. Why take the time to write posts that have probably been written before when I could just be lounging around on Instagram? Well, because I like my blog.

So what does this whole post come down to? I need to go back to basics. Remember why I started blogging, rekindle my love the act, not the rewards and everything else that comes with it. So if you read my blog or even like my blog, I thank you. It means a lot to me. Really, it does. However if you couldn't give two hoots, that's fine as this blog is for me and I need to remember that. 

Where am I going to go from here? I'm still not 100% sure, but I know I'm not going to let my little space on the Internet just vanish. I may be a small fish in a bloody ginormous ocean, but I fully intend to keep swimming. (Gah so cringe.)

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Christmas Story & a Christmas Wish List

A couple of weeks ago somebody from House of Fraser asked me to get involved with their Christmas wish list campaign, in which you share your best, worst and funniest Christmas, and being the jolly crimbo lover that I am, I agreed to take part. 

The best and worst Christmas presents are always though as I'm super lucky in the sense that my parents always spoil me at Christmas. However, one of my stand out best presents would have to be paint. Odd, I know, but I used to love changing my bedroom and one year I got paint in the colours I wanted my room and ended up having my whole room re-decorated. Worst, after a lot of thought may have to be some lavender draw liners that my nan's neighbour got me, however the fact that my nan's neigbour got me anything for Christmas is pretty cool.

Most hilarious Christmas present was actually given to my brother a couple of years ago and it was a swearing turtle. You press it's stomach and it shouts very rude insults at you. It was actually banned on that day due to elderly guests coming to dinner, but non the less it's still a hilarious present.

To end the post here is a wishlist of the things I'd love Santa to bring down the chimney this year. Fingers crossed.

What are your favourite Christmas present stories? 

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I was given the Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Set for writing this post, however it is something I genuinely would've wanted regardless. All views thoughts and wish list ideas are my own.