Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Christmas Story & a Christmas Wish List

A couple of weeks ago somebody from House of Fraser asked me to get involved with their Christmas wish list campaign, in which you share your best, worst and funniest Christmas, and being the jolly crimbo lover that I am, I agreed to take part. 

The best and worst Christmas presents are always though as I'm super lucky in the sense that my parents always spoil me at Christmas. However, one of my stand out best presents would have to be paint. Odd, I know, but I used to love changing my bedroom and one year I got paint in the colours I wanted my room and ended up having my whole room re-decorated. Worst, after a lot of thought may have to be some lavender draw liners that my nan's neighbour got me, however the fact that my nan's neigbour got me anything for Christmas is pretty cool.

Most hilarious Christmas present was actually given to my brother a couple of years ago and it was a swearing turtle. You press it's stomach and it shouts very rude insults at you. It was actually banned on that day due to elderly guests coming to dinner, but non the less it's still a hilarious present.

To end the post here is a wishlist of the things I'd love Santa to bring down the chimney this year. Fingers crossed.

What are your favourite Christmas present stories? 

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I was given the Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Set for writing this post, however it is something I genuinely would've wanted regardless. All views thoughts and wish list ideas are my own.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Things change and people change

The title of this post is something that's always stuck with me from High School Musical 2
 (I know).  As I'm getting older that phrase is ringing even more true, and a lot has changed since I started this blog (almost three years ago) and I've changed too.

When I began this blog I was in my second year of uni, had never really known how to apply make-up before and had very quickly been pulled into an online world full of knowledge that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I'd spend my nights searching for new blogs, writing out posts and trying to perfect the liquid liner (which I'm still yet to master).

Now I have a full time job, and not as much time to fit in seeing friends and family. As you can imagine (and may have noticed) blogging has taken a bit of backseat.

Putting on make-up in the morning started to seem like a cruel tool devised to break up your relationship with sleep, so I began to omit it. I've started to pay for real life things such as bills and I don't have as much money or the mindset to spend lots of money on make-up when I have drawers full that I'm not using at home. I've also realised that it's ok to not own every make-up item ever created. Small and simple is fine, I'm not a make-up artist.

So what does this mean for my blog, which pretty much always has been centred on beauty? Well it means a bit of change. Whilst there still will be beauty posts on this very blog, there will also be some other posts too. I want to be able to experiment and find new ways to involve blogging in my life.

So whilst I have slowly started wearing more make-up (I take concealer and a RT contour brush to work with me, as I feel it's what Blair Waldorf would do) I'm also finding myself enjoying new things (mainly health and fitness, which you can read on this blog here) and want to indulge my creative side in different ways.

The purpose of this post? I fancied writing it so I did, which will more than likely be the purpose of every future post. 


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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Five in Five #1

I've finally come to the realisation that I have far too much make-up, and due to this I've decided I should really stop buying anymore. Which is great for my bank balance, but not so great when trying to think of new and creative ideas for a blog that's main focus is beauty. There are only so many times I can tell you about my favourite products, however I thought I'd start a series where I show you five products, and challenge myself to describe them in five words.

Ready, set, go!

Nars Multiple in South Beach - Glowy, sunkissed, Millie Mack cheekbones.

Real Techniques Contour Brush - Brush with hundreds of uses.

Dior Skin Nude BB Creme - Best thing since sliced bread.

Benefits Hervana Blush - Smells good enough to eat.

No7 BB Lips - Everyday esstential item must have.


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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Being a 80 year old in an 22 year olds body

I've always been mature for my age. I think it mainly stems from the fact I've always been the oldest of all my relations, and really bossy(!).

People would regularly complement me on my maturity levels, I've been told off for being too 'motherly' when looking after my younger brother and I often find myself telling my parents off for being too immature.

With this in mind over the last few years I've found myself filling the stereotypes of people much, much (much) older than me. Many people find it weird how small and select my social life is, how a night in with a box set is heaven for me & how I'm 'wasting my youth'.

So this post is dedicated to all those other secret grannies living in a young body. 

You're welcome.

1) People look sad when you tell them you have no plans for the weekend, whereas you're jumping for joy at the thought. (Not leaving the house or getting dressed = best plans ever!)

2) More than three items on the calender for the week makes it a busy week. (Even if one of these events is going to the dentist.)

3) Silence is nice. You don't need to have the TV/music/YouTube/anything on to relax. 

4) People don't understand why you take a coat on a night out with you. 
(Let alone, the thought of a night out makes you want to hibernate and leaves you pondering which excuse you could use, before going on the night out & realising you're not 18 anymore.)

5) You also end up staring at people with little clothes on wondering how they're not cold.

6) Anything past 10pm 9pm is a late night.

7) You find yourself tutting at the 'youth of today'.

8) You've found yourself uttering the phrase "when I was young..."

9) On more than one occasion you've wondered what retired life would be like.

10) You like to wake up early to 'make the most of the day'. Even on the weekend. 

Now go get down with your granny self!

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Three things from Boots

Whenever a three for two comes rolling around to Boots I find that I often get into a panic of what to buy. I either find two things and struggle for a third or take ages trying to whittle down four to three (or should I say find two more to make six...).

So I thought I'd share with you my top three Boots picks of the moment so when the next 3for2 comes to town, you'll be prepared.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude - To be honest any Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick would be great, the formula and pigmentation are amazing, however for me Notting Hill Nude has that nude, but still your lips, almost Kylie Jenner feel to it.

Loreal Paris Illuminating Powder - This is pretty much an exact dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder. It has tiny glitter specs in it that catch the light and make your skin look healthy and glowy, without looking like you've rolled in highlighter. The subtle shimmer and lasting power are pretty impressive.

Rimmel Scandals Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow in Rich Russet - If you're a dab it on a go kind of gal you're going to love this. A quick sweep and your eyes have just enough definition without looking like you've caked yourself in makeup. Plus it's really long lasting too.

What three things would you recommend?


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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ideas of adult life would be like VS actual adult life

I rarely call myself an adult. I still live at home with my parents, sleep with a cuddly toy and throw a tantrum if I'm over tired (or things don't go my way!)

However, when facing facts I'm 22, in a full time job and need to start thinking properly about my life! (I've had more quarter life crisis' in the last few months then I thought possible.)

Whether it's due to the fact that the economy is a lot different to when I was growing up or whether my parents did a much better job at pretending adult life was fun, things are definitely not how I thought they would.

When I was younger: By 22 I would've finished uni have a great job and be living in my own place.

Actual Life: I managed to finish uni, and find a job (which I know I'm incredibly lucky in doing), but I will probably be living with my parents for the best part of my twenties.
To be honest, I love my parents and don't actually mind living with them at all, but who knew houses were so expensive, and renting basically means it's even harder to save for a deposit. Also, you have to get a deposit then pay a mortgage, you don't just buy the house! Who knew?!?

When I was younger: I wish I was older so I can buy everything I want to.

Actual life: I wish I had more money so I can buy everything I want to.

When I was younger: Being able to drive is so cool, you can go anywhere.

Actual life: Being able to drive is so cool, and I can go anywhere, as long as I have enough petrol, and I've paid my car tax, and I've got enough money saved for my insurance. Oh what's that? I need new tyres? There goes my savings again.

When I was younger: I wish I got more post.

Actual life: Oh great, another bill, a leaflet, more bills, I'm entitled to a credit card.... more bills.

When I was younger: Eugh, coffee is gross.

Actual life: Eugh, coffee is gross.  

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