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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

One, Two, Three, Sleep Skincare Routine

I feel like I've mentioned it before, and I'll very likely say it another hundred times, but I love my bed and making things as simple as possible so that I can stay in longer/get into it sooner.

So today's blog post is about my simple skincare routine that takes me from 'omg I did sleep now!' to the sleepy face emoji.

1) Cleanse - even though I rarely wear make-up (the joys of working from home) I always make sure I give my face a good cleanser in the evening, and for me, there is nothing better than the Emma Hardie Moringa Face Balm. It's just so luxurious to use, feels so good on the skin and smells delightful. A nice massage of this and a quick rinse with a flannel leaves my skin ready for a good slumber.

2) I blame Caroline Hirons for pretty much any step in my skin care routine, but most definitely the need for an exfoliation stage is due to her. On nights like this I like to use the REN Flash Rinse as I feel like it has a good deep exfoliation that leaves my skin looking nice and bright the next day without having to use a tonne of products after use. I just put a bit on (and only a bit, as I find the smell really hurts my nose, it's kind of like citrus and metal mixed in one *vom*) and leave it on whilst I brush my teeth, then wash it off.

3) To finish I go on with my old faithful, the product that's always in my stash and just makes my soul happy, the Origins Overnight Facemask. Again, this guy smells beaut, which is always a huge plus and just gets on so nicely with my face. It really sinks in and I can tell in the morning my skin is much more plump (in the good healthy way, not the I need to cut back on the amount of food I eat kinda way) and full of hydration.

You can pretty much do all this in about 3 minutes, and brush your teeth too. Now you go enjoy your nice long snooze!!!

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  1. Thank god you mentioned the smell of the REN Flash Rinse. I have read so many reviews and none mentioned it but it literally makes me gag. Same with most REN products actually. I know they do good but ive also had a night cream that smelt like warm playdoh and that was the end of REN for me haha!

  2. God bless Caroline Hiron's! Are there any beauty bloggers who haven't had their lives changed by her!? I love the Emma Hardie balm, I haven't gotten round to repurchasing it but it's the most luxurious cleanser I've ever used! The Origins Drink Up is also another must have in my stash, the scent is just divine!

    Victoria || Victoria's Vanity Case

  3. The origins overnight mask is amazing! I love how my skin feels in the morning too!:)


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