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Friday, 29 June 2012

Fashion Friday: Fashion Through My Ages

Once upon a time, on this day, 29th June, 20 years ago, the greatest thing happened...I was born. Only joking, but today is my birthday, and I thought, been as though my usual Friday post is a fashion one, I would show you my fashion through the years. I hope it is a nice for you as it was for me sifting through numerous photo albums and looking through photos, it made me slightly emotional if I'm honest.

One of my very first outfits with my lovely mommy. She will kill me if she sees this haha!

A personal favourite of mine.

I've always been a cool child. Honest!

The first time I dressed myself. I think you'll find that this was all over Vogue that year.

Another favourite. Also, I used to be blonde!

My first set of wheels.

On my 5th birthday I had a magician called Pog.
And my favourite colour was yellow.

My 8th birthday. My last one as an only child.
I love TY teddie bears (can you spot them?)

Pictures from about age 15-18

You've all seen what I wear daily, and it's true I'm very boring!!! I wish I was glamours and fashionable, but hey, I try! I could've added so many more but didn't want to bore the socks off of you! 

Happy Friday everyone.

Laura xoxo

I also want to say, a massive thank you to both Rachel and Shen, for my lovely presents, although I've only known them since I started blogging, and haven't even met Shen yet, they both gave such gorgeous gifts, and I am so grateful to them. So yes, big hugs and thanks!


  1. Daww you were so cute! Happy birthday lovely! :) I hope you have an amazing day! :)

    xoxo, Laura

  2. Happy birthday :D I kiddie pics are so cute, I love the one with the snow white top x

  3. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lauraaa, happy birthday to you! You were so cute, and we had some similar outfits :) can't imagine you as blonde!
    Have a fabulous birthday :) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  4. Such a lovely post.. my mums got a picture of my in a washing basket too lol

    Hope you had a lovely day missy :)


  5. oh my gosh this is the loveliest post i ever, ever so :)
    happy b'day love!


  6. Happy birthday! :)

  7. Hello! I hope you had a nice birthday :) I've just found your blog and instantly loved it! This post is fab haha, I was obsessed with TY toys and I am sure I had that same tshirt (Tammy Girl? haha!)

    Becky :)


    1. Thank you so much Becky :)
      Yes it probably was haha! Good eye haha! I used to love Tammy :)


  8. You look so cute when you are little! Hope you had a fab day! I love the picture of you in washing basket.


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