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Friday, 25 May 2012

Fashion Friday: Copy Cat

Now, I wouldn't call myself fashionable. I'm still learning what works for my shape and size and how to fit in with the latest trend. I usually don't get in to a trend until it's over, but that's ok with me. I do however enjoy fashion, reading magazines, reading blogs and seeing what's new. My main inspiration, as shallow as it seems, stems from celebrities. From this I've decided to start a 'copy cat' series, which is basically a celebrity inspired post.

For my first post, I was inspired by the picture Shenae Grimes posted on her blog of a gorgeous black and white outfit. I've also found other celebrities who have rocked that style.

I've also put together an outfit that if money and figure permitting I could get/wear, but alas no.

I did try to take a picture of myself wearing a similar look, but I am no fashion blogger, I either looked seriously moody, or just didn't get my all body in the shot. So luckily for you, a post without my mug on it!

What do you think of this look?

Laura xoxo


  1. You'd look lovely in that outfit, silly! :) But possibly not until it cools down a bit! Black is so much hard work in the heat :')
    I love the shoes, bag and top!
    And I actually knew who Shenae Grimes was, I'm doing so well on the whole celebrity thing today ;) xxxx

    1. I know, stupid me put black leggings on the other day and nearly died in the garden!!! And again today in the car :(
      Thank youu :)
      Yay, haha! You do make me smile :)


  2. I miss your mug =(
    The outfits nice! I love the topshop top! Like Rachel said though you would die in this heat!

    1. Awww thanks!
      Thank you :) I love the top the most I think!


  3. I love these celebs outfits and i love what you put together.

    Nafisah xo

  4. i really loce the bag shenae grimes is sporting


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