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Friday, 17 April 2015

Eleven reasons why periods are the worst

And yep, here come the excruciating cramps. | The 17 Worst Things About Being A Girl 

Can you guess what time of the month it is that I'm writing this? TMI?

The fact you have to actually spend you're hard earned money buying sanitary towels and tampons. I mean, they're not cheap and you need them so often. Boys don't have expenses like this, not fair *stamps feet, flails arms*

The emotional roller coaster your hormones put you through. That's fun.

The dilemma you face choosing what to wear, just in case you have a leak, or your sanitary can be seen. 

The food cravings, and the fact you want to eat practically everything. It's hungry work bleeding constantly for a week.

The bloatedness you get and the fact you feel like a whale for a week. This also adds to the dilemma of what to wear.

The awkwardness of staying at someone elses house when you're on your period, or worse still, starting your period when you're at someone elses house. Just kill me now.

Speaking of awkward, the noise of tampons and sanitary towels. I mean really, do they have to be THAT noisy?

The randomness of when it'll appear. I know some people are lucky enough to know down to the hour when they're period will be due, but for others it's a good ol' waiting came, and it often comes at the most random and annoying moments. The worst has to be in the night, wah!

The moment you're, er, changing things over, and there is no bin the toilet you're using. Just why?!?

The pain, oh god the pain, just everywhere.

The fact your dad constantly asks you if you're "due on or somethin?'"

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  1. Pahaha, yes! My stomach feels like someone's punching the crap out of it this time :(


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