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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Postcard From: Paris

It's happened, I've been bitten by the Wanderlust bug. I have a list as long as my body of places I'd now like to visit, but as I've got car insurance to save for first, I thought I'd show you a few lots of my pictures from when I went to Paris at the end of November last year, and hopefully begin a new series of 'Postcard From' on my blog.

We went: Paris (22/11-25/11/14)

Our hotel was pretty nice actually. It wasn't too expensive and was just a short walk from the Arc De Triomphe and an even shorter walk from a Sephora. It was close to a metro stop, and the next stop along was a main station which meant travelling was easy. Staff were pleasant and friendly, the only thing I'd say is, don't bother having breakfast there, it's not worth the price.

We got there via the Eurostar, which was a first for me, however I can't believe how simple it was. I'd maybe look into getting a taxi to/from your hotel if you've got a lot of bags as trying to get the Metro with a tonne of bags is stressful. 

We found: 

1) There is hardly any supermarkets (that we could find), but tonnes of pharmacies. Great for stocking up on French skincare, not so great if you want some food.

2) You probably only need one 'carnet' ticket between two of you. We thought they'd be like an oyster card so asked for two and ended up with lots of Metro tickets. Just don't try to leave zone 2 with them, they won't work.

3) You can pretty much do all the main sites just by walking. On our first day we walked from the Arc De Triomphe to the Eiffel Tour, to Tour Montparnasse to Jardin du Luxemburg to Notre Dame, to the Pantheon with other sites thrown in along the way.

I really think that Paris may be one of my favourite cities, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

We finished our trip at the most magical place ever, but maybe I'll save that for a different post.

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  1. Paris looks amazing! I went travelling last Summer but didn't get time to see Paris properly!

    Can't wait to see where you go on your next adventure!

    Holly x

  2. nice!
    follow to follow?


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