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Monday, 11 August 2014

Covering All Bases

After a fair few years searching for the perfect base, which I believe is pretty much as easy to find as a unicorn in a field of rainbows, I have developed quite the collection which means I'm covered for all different occasions.

The Barely There - If you just want to whack something on that's lightweight, evens out the skin and keeps your skin feeling hydrated and cared for, I highly recommend the Dr Jart + BB Cream. It won't cover many sins, but it will get you through a day at work or out shopping.

The Night Out/Special Occasion  - When a special occasion comes calling, or a night out occurs (which is rare as I like to be tucked up in bed by 9pm) I'll crack out my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. I definite medium to full coverage foundation that covers pretty much everything and stays put for most of the night. The lack of SPF means photos are left without a white cast.

The I Need Some Covering - Most days for me I go make-up free or chose a BB but if I'm heading out and my skin is mis-behaving the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is my foundation of choice. It's a nice medium coverage that feels quite light weight. The shimmer particles can't be seen on the skin, but it does give a lovely healthy dewy effect.

The Powder Foundation - Sometimes you just want a bit of a powder foundation, and for that my favourite is the Bare Minerals Original. I quick brush swirl in this bad boy and I'm good to go. Nice and light weight, and perfect if you know things are going to get a bit hot and sweaty.

The I Couldn't Be Without It - Nine times out of ten you will find me wearing the Dior Nude BB Cream on my face. Not wearing make-up daily means I can still call this my regular base right? Plus it makes it more cost effective. I just love how my skin looks after application and the way it wears throughout the day. Not much coverage but enough for me with concealer, and I feel my skin just looks so healthy when I'm wearing it.

What are your top bases?


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