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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top Tanning Tips

When I was younger I used to catch a tan quite nicely, however as I've gotten older I've learned that naturally I'm one of two colours. The first of which being a shade close to Caspar the Friendly Ghost, the second being the same shade as Sebastian the Lobster. Neither are really that great. I've also become more sun aware as I've gotten older, and I'm not a massive fan of trying to cook myself in the sun. However, I still want to look tanned! (It's a hard life, right?) 

Due to this I've dabbled with many fake tans in many different ways; some turning out quite well, and others not going that well (Willy Wonka called, he wanted his Ommpa Lumpa back!) I decided that it was only fair that I spared you, my lovely readers, my tanning faux pas and shared the top tips I've found for good tanning application and finish.

1) Exfoliate and moisturise the day before - Fake tan, just like with any moisturiser, applies best when all the dead and rough skin has been removed from your body and it can be applied to a smooth surface. I find by exfoliating and moisturising either in the morning of application in the evening or the day before means my legs are in tip top condition. Ensure you give those pesky ankles and knees some extra moisture, not just then but every day top stop those pesky tell tale tan lines.

2) Put towels down (that are a dark colour and not in constant use) - No matter what your floors are or what type of fake tan you're using always place down towels. This not only protects your floor, but also stops you from getting orange feet. Just make sure you wash your towels after so they don't transfer to other places.

3) Use a mitt - Not only does using a mitt prevent orange hands, it also makes fake tan apply more evenly. Even if you're using a spray can, it's best to pat it all in with a mitt after to ensure it's evenly spread. Also make sure your mitt is in good condition otherwise it will streak your tan.

4) Don't get a bottle too dark - Whilst it's tempting to buy the darkest fake tan out there to combat ghostly white legs, getting a bottle too dark for your skin tone won't help and will probably have Willy Wonka calling you too. It's always best to build on lighter colours than going in too dark at the start. If it goes on gradually it'll wash off gradually too, much like a normal tan. It'll also look much more natural.

5) Leave yourself enough time before an event to correct it - There is only so much moisturising and exfoliating and exact precision you can do, sometimes a fake tan is just not going to look good. If you've got an important event coming up, start preparing beforehand and ensure you're using a tan you can trust, just in case anything does go wrong.

6) Apply in natural light - Whilst it's probably useful to apply the fake tan in your bathroom, it's better to do it in a room that has good natural light with a big mirror too. This means you can keep an eye on your application in the mirror with it being more apparent in the natural light.

What are your fake tan top tips?

Laura xoxo

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