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Monday, 16 June 2014

Review: Sleek Brow Pencil

I never thought I'd be one of those girls who likes to pencil in their eyebrows. I've always had a fuller brow, and to be honest have contemplated getting rid of them numerous times. Now, however, I've learnt to love my bushy brows and filling my brows in is one of the things I look forward to doing.

I've lusted from afar at the likes of the Anastasia Brow Wiz and Hourglass Brow Arch, so when I saw this Sleek Brow Pencil I new I had to try it. Now it is pretty much a copy cat in the sense of style of the previously mentioned items, let's face it. It has a spoolie one end and a wax angled crayon type thing the other.

The slant of the brush makes it really easy to apply and gives your brows good definition. I would say that it is slightly too waxy for me as it takes a while to build up the colour, but for those who are heavy handed, it should be a good thing. The use of a spoolie means it's perfect for on the go application and great if you travel a lot.

I really like this product, I just wish the colour was a bit more grey toned (I picked up medium) as I do feel it can come off a bit orange at times, but for £5.99, I'm not complaining.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Laura xoxo

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  1. I am completely the same, I have such dark, bushy eyebrows and I used to get the micky taken out of me at school.. I used to HATE my brows but now I loooove them and everyone wants my brows! ;-)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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