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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Throwback Thursday: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

I've been blogging for just over two years now and upon reflection there are some things I'd have loved to have known when I first started that I know now. I also thought, maybe it would help somebody who is considering to start a blog?!? Who knows! So, as a kind of different Throwback Thursday post here are some tips I'd give the old me!

1) You can write your own rules - There is no set schedule or rules to being a blogger. One of the great things about having your own little space on the ol' Internet is the fact you can do whatever the hell you want with it! Want to take your pictures with flash on? Do it! Want to make an absolute fool of yourself in a video and then upload it to YouTube? Why not? Just do it. The more you stick to blogger conforms and follow others, the more you just look like all the other sheep in an overpopulated field. Be a bull, or  heck, even a unicorn!

2) You're not going to be a massive blogger overnight (or at all) - I full heartedly, hands in the air admit, one of the reasons I started blogging was the allure of free make-up and the chance to attend posh events. I've never attended an event and I can list on one hand the amount of free stuff I've been given to blog about. Whilst that may be one of the many reasons I began Call of Beauty, it's definitely not the reason I've kept at it. I'm quite happy knowing I'm never going to get to the level of blogging that sees free stuff everyday and parties every night. I'm content in the fact that I've unleashed a hobby that lets me try new skills (photography, writing, social media, html....) and I enjoy it.

3) Don't buy the whole of Boots in one fail swoop - I began beauty blogging at a point where my makeup collection was a normal size and could fit in a small box. I then decided I needed every product ever mentioned in any video or post online. Stupid mistake. You need to learn what sort of products work with your skin type and tone, and work out if a product is right for you, not just purchase it 'cause another blogger said it was good.

4) Don't be shy about it - When I first started my blog was my own little secret. My brother found out a couple of months in and said I was like Hannah Montana leading a double life. Slowly as my confidence in my blog and myself has grown more people know, and in turn my confidence in my blog has continue to grow and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. So what if my friends see and laugh at me, they're obviously not that good a friend in the first place. Shout your blog from the rooftops.

5) You don't have to post everyday - When I first began blogging I thought I had to post everday in order to get readers, and after finding The Sunday Girls blog I thought I had to blog multiple times a day. I soon learned that there is only one Sunday Girl, and stuck to my one post a day; but at times my posts were forced and I wasn't happy about them. Now I only post things I'm really happy with, and definitely aim for (hopefully)quality over quantity. At the moment I've had a rush of ideas for blog posts so am almost posting daily as I'm too excited to share them, but if I run out of ideas, I'll reduce them again and be ok about it.

What would you tell yourself if you were to start blogging again?



  1. This is such a lovely post Laura and I agree with you on pretty much everything! One thing I wish I'd known is that in order to TRY and be successful at blogging, social media presence is vital. Even now I have a handful of Twitter followers and I still don't have many readers after about a year of blogging but that's okay cos I'm enjoying myself! Thanks for sharing :) xo.

  2. I totally agree with you. I think there is a slight pressure on bloggers to post everyday, but
    then I look at the 'big' bloggers who only post a couple of times a month and think, 'well, I don't have to post everyday either'.

    I don't care much about 'followers' as long as I have people that like to come and read my blog now and again. At least, I've
    got an audience!

    I love your blog and your videos (I loved your Blair look!)
    I'd love to see some more 'looks' on your channel :)

    Laura x |


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