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Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday Fact: Wardrobe Sort

Turn your hangers the other way round.

I've recently been having a little clear out of my wardrobe and found that I really am a hoarder. I have so many clothes that I've picked up through various stages (uni, nights out, work wear...) and sizes of my life. Whilst many items either don't fit at the moment or don't fit into my current 'style' (not that I really have one) I still find it hard to part with some items.

So intaead of being ruthless and ending up in a state of regret, which I've done more than once, I've decided to follow a tip I've seen many times online.

After taking out all of my clothes, and having a sort through, when I put them back in I place the hangers the opposite way I usually put them in. Then, in the next six months I'll throw out anything that's still facing the wrong way, as it's obviously not a staple in my wardrobe. 

Knowing me I'll see it as a challenge to wear everything so I can turn the hanger round and keep everything, but hey, at least that way I'm wearing everything.

Happy Friday :) 

Laura xoxo 

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