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Friday, 30 May 2014

Fashion Friday: Shopping as a Larger Gal

This post is a little bit of a weird one for me to write. It's no secret that I'm on the larger side of life, but it's not something I've ever really highlighted in a sense as why would I a) want to and b) need to? However many of the bloggers that I love to read and watch have such amazing style and leave me thinking, ooo I want something like that, but when I've come to get something I realise it's very hard to find things on the highstreet in a style and size that suit me. This left me thinking, surely there are some people out there who read my blog who feel the same.

Over the last six months to a year I've found myself piling on a quite a few more pounds, leaving me at the biggest I've ever been (a completely different topic/post, and something I plan to deal with but probably not online and not the point of this post) and whilst I've always been the largest size in some shops, I've found I've now limited myself to only a few highstreet shops as many stores stop at a smaller size 16. 

So whilst I aim to try and get back into a size which means I can shop the highstreet properly again (which could be a whole other ranty blog post but I'll just leave it at the average female size in the UK is a 16; why do shops stop stocking at that size? Average does not mean largest!) I thought I'd share with you the shops I've found for girls like me who live on the larger side of life.

ASOS Curve - I've never really enjoyed online shopping, as I always feel that I need to try clothes on before I buy them; but I must admit I'm an ASOS convert. They're main range does go up to a size 18, which means I have the luxury (if you can call it that) of shopping their main range and their Curve range. I find that many of their clothes come elasticised which means they have a bit of a give to them. I also like how they have their 'catwalk' which means you can see how the product fits and the type of material. There are also descriptions on the type of material the product is made of, and the size the model is wearing plus her height, allowing you to visualise yourself in the outfit too.
Asda - Asda has always been a love of mine. I'm really lucky to have a massive Asda a five minute drive away, and often find myself heading down just to have a wonder. One of the major highlights of Asda is their clothes are reasonably priced, kind of like Primark, so if you want to try a trend that only lasts one season, you aren't wasting loads of money. I'm pretty sure Asda goes up to a size 24 (it could be a 26, I'm not too sure) which is better than most highstreet shops, as this in their regular line, they don't have a plus range.  I used to find Asda clothes to come up on the smaller side, however now I think they're pretty much true to size. If you're someone who has a fluctuating waistline, like myself, the price and quality of these clothes really can't be grumbled at.

New Look - I used to hold New Look in such high regard, it was always my go to place to shop, and it still is, but my one complaint is the shop near where I work hardly ever stocks clothes over a size 12 (however it is a small one!) That aside, I do still find New Look a good store to shop in. Currently I can get into a size 18 in most of their clothes in their main line, however do find myself looking in their Inspire line when I spot it in shops too. One of the positives of New Look is you can order online and collect in store, so if you see something you like, but your size is unavailable you can order it online. Some of their Inspire stuff, in my opinion can look a bit frumy, put some of it can come out trumps so it's a bit hit and miss. But they are one of the few highstreet shops I've found to be good value, still classed as 'trendy' and go up to an 18.

Dorothy Perkins - I'm pretty sure Dorothy Perkins goes up to a size 22 in most of their stock, however I'm not 100% sure. The main reason I'm including Dotty P's is because I love their jeans. As someone whose weight tends to be mainly in the stomach area, finding trousers on the higshtreet is super difficult. Their super soft skinny jeans are so comfortable. I have these in black and blue and fit into an 18 in them, whereas I can't do up an 18 in the other jeans which is odd; but, I don't mind as they're the comfiest jeans I've ever owned. They're what I imagine the Topshop Leigh Jeans (which I doubt my right leg would fit in) would feel like.

So I hope you like this post and it's been slightly helpful? If you have the same struggle, where do you like to shop?

Laura xoxo

I realise this is a very different topic for me, and have ummed and ahhed about whether I should post this, but I feel it's something that I would like to discuss. I do not mean this post to come across as me asking for you to tell me how beautiful I am, as I'm already aware ;) (this is not an ooo I'm so ugly so I'll upload this picture to Facebook so everyone can know type post.) It's just meant to be me saying, I struggle buying stuff from highstreet shops, which as someone who reads many blogs of people wearing those clothes is annoying, and I wish to share my solution to other people in my situation.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I too am on the larger side and find high street shops so degrading. Most of the shops near me stop stocking clothes above a size 14, so clearly, if your on the larger side trends aren't easy to get at. I love Asda clothing, it's so cheap and such good quality. I also love New Look, but by god, their dresses are really expensive! I've not tried any other brands, but I'm definitely going to check out ASOS and Dorothy! I'd love to read more posts like this :)

    Laura x |

  2. hey sweetie, I am a plus size too, and I do know how annyoing it is when I go shopping, so when I am looking for something that I want, I start looking from the back, to find the bigger sizes. thank you for this post, because now, I know where can I shop ( even if its online )
    give me a visit :


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