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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Let's Talk Lips

A used to be an eyeshadow girl, then a blush girl, and lately I'm all about lips. I can't get enough of all the different formula's, colours and brands. I think the lipstick you choose to wear definitely changes the whole look of you make-up, so it's an important step.

The comfort one: When I'm in a rush, or just want something comfortable to wear I always reach for my No7 BB Lips. The formula is glossy without being sticky and is nice and moisturising on the lips. It also contains SPF too which makes it perfect for summer (shall it ever arrive!)

The Tube Stick: Crayon style lipsticks are definitely a trend that isn't dying down. I'm glad about that as I think they're really handy (as long as they're twist top rather than sharpen!) Of all the ones I've tried I must say the Bourjois Colour Booster's are my favourites. Perfect pigmentation, feels nice and the lips and the longest lasting too.

The Moisturising one: As far as moisturising formula's go, the Moisture Renew Range by Rimmel are my favourite. The have the proper pigmentation of a lipstick (unlike the BB lips) but the comforting factor of a moisturising lipstick too. Perfect if your lips are a little dry from the winter.

The Liquid Lacquer: Liquid lipsticks are a trend that intrigued me. I'm yet to try a YSL glossy stain, but I've admired from a far. To save my bank balance I picked up the Rimmel Appocalips (in a number of colours I may add) and I can see why people like the liquid lip. Pigmentation is incredible, shine is gorgeous and the longevity is pretty spectacular. My only gripe is the fact it can get on your teeth a little. I find using the back of the applicator a great way to give the right amount of product.

The Luxurious Buy: Every time I get enough points on my Boots card I go straight to Dior and Chanel and peruse their lipstick selection, picking up and putting down multiple colours and formula's and leave empty handed. I just can't do it. Then Christmas came and bought along with it the Feel Unique Sale. I had a £20 voucher and the YSL Rouge Voluptee was in the sale for that price so I picked one up. Every thing about it screams luxury, from the packaging to the finish. Now I just need to decide on my next colour...

What are your favourite lipsticks?

Laura xoxo


  1. fab choices, i could talk about lipstick for days

    em @ x

  2. I have a moisture renew lipstick and I LOVE it but its very bright so isn't always suitable for every day looks!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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