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Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Find: Shameless Fripperies

Whilst watching a YouTube video the other week I saw a link to a Get Ready with Me underneath by someone whose channel I'd never seen before and decided to give it a watch. (I loves me a good GRWM!) 

The channel in question was Karmia McKimmie's and my gosh was I glad I gave it a click. Not only did I watch the GRWM I also headed back through her archive and gave a fair few of her videos a watch. 

I found Karmia to be extremly funny, really light hearted and super clued up on her beauty boomf. Think Lisa Eldridge style videos guys and girls, but just a bit younger with a few more jokes cracked. 

So if your haven't already subscribed to her, make sure you do so here!

She also has a website you can view here.

Have you seen any of Karmia's videos?

Laura xoxo

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