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Sunday, 26 August 2012

What I Wore this Week

This week has seemed very quiet compared to the last few weeks. I said goodbye to my grandparents, which was rather emotional, met up with friends, and last night I went and watched Dirty Dancing, which was just amazingly brilliant.Such a good night.

I know I said I'd include last Sunday in this post, but I was a bit too delicate to remember to snap a pic ha, but I have included my Saturday night outfit, which for some reason wouldn't go into my collage ha!

Saturday: Top: New Look // Skirt: Topshop // Shoes: Zara // Clutch: Dorothy Perkins

Monday: Day: Top and Boots : New Look
               Night: Top: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: River Island
On Monday I went for a stroll round the park with my nan in the daytime and then in the evening it was my grandparents leaving meal.

Tuesday: Top: H&M // Skirt and Shoes: Topshop
I spent the day Tuesday doing nothing really, not getting dressed until I was supposed to me meeting friends for dinner, and this is what I decided to wear.

Wednesday & Thursday : Top: George at Asda // Joggers: New Look
Not a lot happened on both of those days, hence the rather casual attire.

Friday: One: Cardigan: Ralph Lauren // Top: New Look // Shoes: Topshop
            Two: Cardigan: Primark // Scarf: New Look
In the morning Friday I went and did my volunteering at the library, and in the afternoon met a friend in town for a Costa! Hence why I got changed.

Saturday: Day: Hoodie: New Look // Sandals: George at Asda
                Night: Top: Dorothy Perkins // Boots: New Look
In the day I went and visited my nan, then in the evening I went to see Dirty Dancing, which was just incredible!!!!

Today, my fried is coming over and we're just going to watch some films and chill, ahh bliss.

Hope you have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. I love your Saturday outfit! :)

    I hope you can join my Twitter link up!


  2. I love the mint top! x

  3. Love Tuesday and Saturday, you look so good in green! And the bottom picture is gorgeous :) your hair is looking really shiny and healthy too (not that it doesn't usually!) Xxxx

  4. I love your saturday evening top, you look stunning.


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