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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bronzing Powder

I don't know if I've mentioned before but until I happened to stumble upon the blogging/youtube beauty community I didn't have much clue about make-up and how to apply it. My routine consisted of tinted moisturizer, a bit of blusher, mascara and on nights out eye liner and eye shadow with a bit of powder. Now it includes a lot more products but a make up routine leaving me with a face I'm happy with. The only downside that it takes me a lot longer to get ready in the morning.

One of the products I introduced into my routine is bronzer, used to contour my face and add a bit of colour to my normally pale complexion. I had always had a bronzer that had been given to me in a set, however I never really knew how to use it so cast it to the bottom of my make-up bag. However I have now dragged it out and use it daily.

I started by using the Max Factor Bronzing Powder. I like this product, however I did find it rather dark and it has a lot of glitter in it which I think makes it slightly impractical for day time. It is also really crumbly and creates a lot of mess when I use it making it slightly impractical when doing my make up in a rush. Then when I happened to be browsing the make up aisles at Boots (which is now one of my most enjoyable activities) I came across Bourjis Paris Bronzing powder.

I really like the packaging of the Bourjis bronzer and it has a really lovely almost cocoa buttery smell. It gives my skin a nice warm glow without being too shimmery which makes it perfect for the day time. It isn;t too dark and has tiny fraction of gliter in it which looks lovely when reflected in the light and doesn't create any mess.

MaxFactor (Left)   Bourjis Paris (Right)

Overall I really like both of these products and as I really enjoy having separate nighttime and daytime make up they each serve a good purpose in my makeup bag.

What is your favourite bronzer?

Laura xoxo


  1. Bourjois is on my "to buy" list :) I love the chocolate alike design :)

    1. It is such a lovely bronzer, gives a lovely finish :)

      Slightly scared it might be breaking me out though, going to be so upset if I find out it is.

      Laura xoxo

  2. My friend used to have that Bourjois bronzing block she loved it! I love MAC mineralise skin finish as a shimmery bronzer and also Benefit's Hoola Bronzing powder as a more matte bronzer. Great post x

    1. I really want to try MAC mineralise skin finish but I'm on a student budget at the moment haha.
      Thank you :)


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