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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fashion Friday

So I thought I would make Fridays 'Fashion Friday.' The idea came to me after a shopping trip yesterday and basically I wanted to show off a really cute top I bought. But I thought for other Fashion Fridays either outfits I put together for different occasions, new purchases or outfits I really like that I see on celebs.

To start off Fashion Friday I would like to present to you my new purchase, as of yesterday. A gorgeous reddy orange top from Forever 21.

My camera doesn't do the colour justice, it is a lot brighter and has a slight orange tinge to it also. It is a lovely warm colour which can help melt away the post christmas blues. It is a really thin fabric, so great for layering whilst it's still winter and I think it will work well in the summer with a pair of shorts, as it is thin and England really doesn't get that hot even in summer. It cost £14.75 (exact) but I think it's really worth and it's just so cheerful and I know it will be a go to top for days when I'm not feeling too cheerful. And the best bit:

The back :)

Do you have any items of clothes that instantly make you happy??

Happy Friday everyone.
Laura xoxo

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