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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trying the Trend: The Denim Skirt

I've never really been a 'trendy' kind of gal. I've always been an admirer of trends from afar, and try to play it quite safe when it comes to getting dressed for the day, but this year, I'm determined to experiment a little and try something new.

Enter, the denim skirt. I've seen lots of these around, both the shops and on bloggers and thought I'd jump on the wagon. I got mine from Primark for a mere £10, which for me is great as who knows who long it's going to be 'in fashion' for anyway.

With it being from Primark it's not the most amazing quality (duh) but I can definitely see it lasting the summer, and as much as I longed for a similar one from Warehouse, this just seemed like the most sensible option (which is one you have to make from time to time, adult life *sigh*).

I love that it can be warn in a whole manner of different ways, you can dress it up and dress it down, which for a tenner, makes your cost per wear pretty darn awesome. It also means you don't just have to wait till summer to wear it, 'cause we all know that means you can only wear it about once, or twice if we're really lucky.

So, what do you think? Is this a trend you'll be trying?

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