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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Re-building my skincare stash

Since January I've been doing that thing we all talk about doing but then never actually end up doing; using up all the products I have before buying new ones.

I know, I can't believe it either. It was more budget enforced than anything else, but what it has meant is that I'm now rid of the half empty bottle of lotions and potions that I had after moving on to try new things and an empty skincare stash I need to re-build.

This is quite a risky experiment as obviously your skin could react in different ways, and after getting my skin in a semi reasonable state I was nervous. However, what it did teach me was what my skin actually liked and I knew the products that I needed due to how my skin felt and I felt like I could pin point what was missing. So it was also an educational experience too, wooo!

So here are the things I've purchased over the last couple of months in an attempt to replenish the stocks and get my skin back to it's happy place. What I found is that my skin is actually dehydrated/dry with pigmentation, rather than oily/spotty like it used to be (I think it's growing up?) so I'm all about getting my hydration levels back up.

Emma Hardie Morning Face Cleansing Balm - I had balm cleanser in my stocks I was using for a bit, and then it ran out and I could really notice that my skin was missing it's balm cleanse in the evening, so I decided to go back to the balm cleanser I knew would work, wasn't extortionately priced and is a pleasure to use. This guy. I'm so glad it's back in my rotation. I only use it in the evenings, and a small bit goes a long way so I can see it lasting a while too.

Khiels Ultra Facial Toner - I came to the end of this at the end of March/start of April, and couldn't really afford a new one as I'd already got the Emma Hardie Balm, Origins Mask and Sanctuary Oil, so I bought a Garnier Toner that was meant to be soothing and refreshing, but I soon noticed that my skin was becoming a lot drier, and the moisture levels of my skin wasn't lasting, so on pay day I headed to the Khiels counter and bought a new bottle and honestly my skin felt so much better from first use. I'd really recommend this if you find your make-up isn't still well as it really helps with locking moisture into the skin. A similar product which I love, but is a tad more expensive is the Dr Weils for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief.

Origins Overnight Mask - I think I've spoken about this mask many a time, but it's just so perfect in so many ways. If I'm not leaving the house for the day I'll slap it on, if I can't be bothered to cleanse, tone moisturise etc. in the evening, I just pop it on after washing my face and go to sleep. It's amazing, and smells so good too and really helps keep things hydrated and smooth.

Avene Hydrating Serum - Again, towards the end of the month I could really feel my hydration levels starting to drop, make-up wasn't sitting well and my moisturiser was gone in a few hours and I'd used up all the serums I had in my stash so re-purchased this little guy. I find it really helps add an extra layer of moisture and really sandwiches the moisturiser and toner together.

Sanctuary Therapy Oil - I haven't had an oil in my rotation for a while and felt like I could really do with one to help clear up pigmentation and also, again, add some moisture (I feel like I've said that word so many times in this post, but damn my skin got dry!) I like adding a few drops in with my moisturiser in the day (when I'm not wearing make-up) or putting a whole pipette over my face in the evening.

So there we go, started from the bottom now I'm here (gah, sorry!) 

What are your skincare must haves?

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  1. Some great picks in here! I really need to repurchase a few things myself, a micellar water and morning cleanser.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. I love that Origins overnight moisture mask. It's been my life saver lately.


  3. Please can you do a review on the Sanctuary facial oil, would love to hear your thoughts on it x
    I'm due a repurchase of the origins mask!


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