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Friday, 27 March 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that....

When Ross comes back from China with Julie

The day you actually take time over your hair will be the day it pours down with rain and you forget your umbrella.

Doctors, Dentists and Hairdressers will all be running seriously behind schedule except for the one day you're slightly late.

The person on the street who wants you to stop for only a minute will keep you there for at least ten.

Putting your spare change in a charity collection box will make you feel 100x better about yourself.

There will always be two men in your life who will be there for you whenever; their names are Ben and Jerry.

The comfiest looking shoes are the ones that will give you a million blisters.

You often only buy magazines for the freebies.

For at least an hour after watching a YouTube video you'll narrate your life to yourself.

The one day you forget to do something at work is the day your boss (and their boss) ask to see it.

There is always one nail that takes longer to dry then others and ends up smudging all over your fingers, bed clothes and life.

As soon as you figure out what all the 'cool' lingo actually means, it won't be cool anymore.

Same goes for fashion trends, as soon as you decide you actually want a pair of flared jeans they will no longer be 'on trend'.

The one day you take your sunglasses out of your handbag will be the hottest day of the year so far and you'll be constantly squinting and cursing the extra lipstick you traded the sunglasses space for.

 On the day you leave the office early to get to an appointment there will be five cars broken down, 3 old ladies taking an hour to cross the road and an escaped deer from the local animal reservation.

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