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Friday, 14 November 2014

Things change and people change

The title of this post is something that's always stuck with me from High School Musical 2
 (I know).  As I'm getting older that phrase is ringing even more true, and a lot has changed since I started this blog (almost three years ago) and I've changed too.

When I began this blog I was in my second year of uni, had never really known how to apply make-up before and had very quickly been pulled into an online world full of knowledge that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I'd spend my nights searching for new blogs, writing out posts and trying to perfect the liquid liner (which I'm still yet to master).

Now I have a full time job, and not as much time to fit in seeing friends and family. As you can imagine (and may have noticed) blogging has taken a bit of backseat.

Putting on make-up in the morning started to seem like a cruel tool devised to break up your relationship with sleep, so I began to omit it. I've started to pay for real life things such as bills and I don't have as much money or the mindset to spend lots of money on make-up when I have drawers full that I'm not using at home. I've also realised that it's ok to not own every make-up item ever created. Small and simple is fine, I'm not a make-up artist.

So what does this mean for my blog, which pretty much always has been centred on beauty? Well it means a bit of change. Whilst there still will be beauty posts on this very blog, there will also be some other posts too. I want to be able to experiment and find new ways to involve blogging in my life.

So whilst I have slowly started wearing more make-up (I take concealer and a RT contour brush to work with me, as I feel it's what Blair Waldorf would do) I'm also finding myself enjoying new things (mainly health and fitness, which you can read on this blog here) and want to indulge my creative side in different ways.

The purpose of this post? I fancied writing it so I did, which will more than likely be the purpose of every future post. 


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  1. Your wrote this because you fancied it but it was a lovely post to read, I enjoyed it!


Thank you so much for you comment, it really brightens my day.