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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Being a 80 year old in an 22 year olds body

I've always been mature for my age. I think it mainly stems from the fact I've always been the oldest of all my relations, and really bossy(!).

People would regularly complement me on my maturity levels, I've been told off for being too 'motherly' when looking after my younger brother and I often find myself telling my parents off for being too immature.

With this in mind over the last few years I've found myself filling the stereotypes of people much, much (much) older than me. Many people find it weird how small and select my social life is, how a night in with a box set is heaven for me & how I'm 'wasting my youth'.

So this post is dedicated to all those other secret grannies living in a young body. 

You're welcome.

1) People look sad when you tell them you have no plans for the weekend, whereas you're jumping for joy at the thought. (Not leaving the house or getting dressed = best plans ever!)

2) More than three items on the calender for the week makes it a busy week. (Even if one of these events is going to the dentist.)

3) Silence is nice. You don't need to have the TV/music/YouTube/anything on to relax. 

4) People don't understand why you take a coat on a night out with you. 
(Let alone, the thought of a night out makes you want to hibernate and leaves you pondering which excuse you could use, before going on the night out & realising you're not 18 anymore.)

5) You also end up staring at people with little clothes on wondering how they're not cold.

6) Anything past 10pm 9pm is a late night.

7) You find yourself tutting at the 'youth of today'.

8) You've found yourself uttering the phrase "when I was young..."

9) On more than one occasion you've wondered what retired life would be like.

10) You like to wake up early to 'make the most of the day'. Even on the weekend. 

Now go get down with your granny self!

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  1. I'm right there with you, this is absolutely my life... except I can still sleep in!

  2. sounds exactly like my life, I love this!

  3. I don't find it strange as most of these points are also about me)))Oh and Gilmore Girls...I like!)))


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