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Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to make the most out of your University experience

Whilst the start of term is well and truly underway now, I thought that today I'd impart some wisdom on you which I wish I could've told myself whilst I was at uni. So, whether you're a fresher just getting used to your new surrounding or a third year who thinks they've got things down, listen up!

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket: This can be for so many things, friendship groups, groups you sign up for, lectures, seminars, work experience etc... I'm really bad for staying in my comfort zone. I find it hard to juggle lots of different groups of friends, so whilst I uni I stuck to just one, which backfired as others started to fall out. It's important to talk to and be friends with as many people as possible. You grow up and change and uni and others do too. Picking lectures because you know the lecturer will pass you or because you remember the subject from A-Level won't stretch or challenge you, try something new!

Do ask for help when you need it: University is completely different from any other type of education, and I don't think you're prepared for it enough at school. It can be tricky and difficult to adapt, but rather than struggling in silence, find somebody to ask who can help you.

Don't forget to get a good nights sleep: Sleep is so important, and whilst going to bed at 3am and waking up at 3pm still gives you plenty of hours, it's going to be a real struggle once you're in the real world. Also, a snooze in the middle of a lecture is not classed as a good night sleep!

Do ensure you look for work and/or work experience: Everyone and their mother has a degree these days so it no longer sets you apart once you enter the world of work. Whilst it may not feel like it uni gives you the most free time you're ever going to have, make use of the days where you have no lectures and go get some experience. It will really help you once you leave.

Don't forget to enjoy it: Make the most of every opportunity presented to you, do as much as you can and make as many memories as possible. It's a once in a life time experience, make the most of it.


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  1. Totally agree re: eggs and basket - I wish I had've joined more groups and did more of the uni activities, and slept earlier each night too!


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