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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Lazy Girl Skincare Routine

I've become pretty lazy with my skincare routine. 

My mask a week is more like a mask a month, and I find myself drawn to my bed more than I am drawn to the sink. But I still want my skin to look presentable. (I know, I ask a lot.) So here I present to you my lazy girl skin care routine.

In the morning I want little to come between my bed and me, so I can get up and ready in about 15 minutes. I've mentioned before that I no longer wear make-up in the week, which helps, but my simple streamlined skincare also really helps.
To wash off the nights grime and get me feeling ready for the day I use the Origins Make A Difference Cleanser which I really love. I then dry my face off and then apply the Origins OverNight Mask with a drop of the B. Oil.

Most days I do try to do a full evening routine, but if I'm barely keeping my eyes open the Avene Cleanace K. This stuff rocks. It's an exfoliating and hydrating hyrbid that leaves my skin looking clearer and brighter come the morning. 
You're welcome for the extra sleep you're going to get now.

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  1. I use Avene Cleanance K most of the nights, too! It is one of my favourite products!

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  2. Haha your lazy routine is better than my lazy routine. I'm usually like cleanser, done. Bed!!


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