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Monday, 26 May 2014

Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue

Whilst my skin has always leaned towards the oiler side of things, recently it's becoming much more dry. What I didn't know was that my skin was actually dehydrated, and for a long time I was making it drier, and consequently more oily, my stripping my skin of natural oils that it needed. 

Over the past six months to a year I've really gotten a handle on my skin care and I've stopped stripping it of things it needs and tried my best to feed it with the nourishment it does need. 

Whilst my skin is looking a lot better and I've begun adding hydration and nourishment to my regime, the sides of my face are still quite dry and I feel my skin losing her moisture I put on in the morning by the afternoon. So on a perusal of the Boots near work I picked up this little guy.

I like to use this as almost a serum, working it onto my dry patches in the morning and evening before moisturiser, and even in the day if I feel my skin getting dry.

I do feel that it adds moisture to my skin, and I am seeing a slight improvement, but I think I could find better out there. It's not a bad product, but I do think it lacks the lock-in factor that I feel many products have.

So now my quest for hydrating skincare begins. Do you have any recommendations?

Do you have this? What do you think?

Laura xoxo

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  1. I love the Avene Hydrating Serum, it's really changed my skin for the better!



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