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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Fling: Cheeks

I decided I wanted to do a little spring series here on the old blog. I do love me a little series every now and again and the changing of the seasons allows the perfect opportunity. I'm going to start my series focusing on cheek products, tomorrow eyes and then Thursday will finish with cheeks.

The Bronzer - Okay, so this isn't necessarily a 'spring fling' as I love this product all year round, however everyone needs a bronze glow and there is no better product for it than this. There's a load of different intensities in the Clarins Bronzing Duo so you should find a shade that suits your skin tone perfectly. The shimmer in it is simple and subtle and can rarely be seen.

The Bronze Glow - Ah Nars South Beach is what started my multiple craze. I love this product, plus it's Millie Mackintosh approved. I love using this as a bronzer, highlighter and contour. It really is a multi use product and this is the perfect spring/summer shade.

The Cream Cheek - This Bourjois Cream Blush in 03 is a great spring shade as it is has just the right amount of pink to coral ratio to make it a great transitional colour. The cream formula is makes the whole dewy sunkissed look great and means it applies seamlessly. 

The Powder Blush - MAC Dainty blush is a mineralise finish which means it has a hell'uva lota glitter in it, but it's milled enough to not make it look like you've face planted a vat of glitter. For me spring says pink, and you can't get a prettier pink colour, that truly comes off pink, in a good way!

The Luxury Item- Everybody loves a bit of luxury in their life. This Chanel Blush is the perfect peachy pink colour that blends in well to your skin and gives you that perfect springs day flush. Plus, it's Chanel, beautiful enough just to look at.

What are your spring fling blushes?

Laura xoxo 

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