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Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to get more Boots Points

Ah Boots points. The one thing that makes spending lots of money on items we don't really need acceptable. However it always seems that it takes forever to save them up, but only a couple of minutes to spend them. (Such is life right?)

For today's post I thought I'd share with you my top tips on how I like to collect my Boots points, and as a little thank you, I'd love it if you could share yours too, sharing is caring after all!

1) Put your card in the machine before each shop - Before you run to the isles with the new releases you're desperate to get your hands on, head to the little machine at the front of the store which will tell you what offers you can receive. Taking a quick couple of minutes to have a scroll through the machine beforehand could help you double your points or gain extra points on purchases you're already about to make.

2) Look around for offers - Not fussed by what deodorant or toothpaste you use? More often than not certain brands will have offers that will allow you to gain points through their purchase. If you're really lucky sometimes they put points on make-up items too. A great reason to try a new lipstick!

3) Save your double points voucher for big trips - There is no point using your double points voucher on a new toothbrush if you often spend a lot in Boots. Save it for a big shopping trip as you'll end up getting more in return. Whilst it's tempting to do it on your little shop to get more points, it will be more valuable to hold your horses and wait.

4) Make use of your voucher booklet - You know that amazing day when a new pack of shiny vouchers arrives on your doorstep? Look through it. Boots are kind and tailor the offers to your spending habits. Look through and see what's there and if you can use any. Keep them in your hand or by your Boots card so they're ready to use. Sometimes it's worth saving up for all the items you want so you can spend that big £50 voucher.

5) Keep your Boots card on you - I always have my card in my purse with me so that I know it'll be there to be used whenever I'm in store. It's great if you're shopping with family or friends who've forgotten theirs as they're likely to allow you to hand over yours, meaning you get points without spending. Should you spend without your card, make sure you keep the receipt so that you can claim then on another visit too.

So they're my tips, what're yours? I'd love to know.

Laura xoxo    


  1. Take full advantage of the Advantage Card events that they often have in the run up to Christmas - spend £50 and get £12 worth of points which means you'll easily rack them up especially if you buy everyone's Christmas gifts from there ;) xo

  2. If you download the Boots Treat Street Point Booster toolbar it allows you to earn extra points through online purchases from a whole load of stores :) it's definitely helped to boost my points balance! xx

  3. I love Boots points, I always check the machines - often it's things I'm buying anyway or things that I can buy in bulk to stock up on, like shampoo, so they're a great way to get extra points! :)
    I like to buy things like magazines from Boots, if you're buying them anyway and they're the same price everywhere, you may as well have the points!

    Jess xo


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