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Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Fave: Book Review - Beauty by Louise Mensch

There is nothing I love more than a good book. Something about getting lost the (electronic) pages of a book and the excitement you feel when you know you have some time to read again really appeals to me. I'd much rather read a good book than watch a film.

Beauty is written by Louise Mensch and is her first book under her real name. Previously writing under the pseudonym Louise Bagshawe, Ms Mensch has decided to write under her real name. I found out about this book as she is also a MP and came up in one of my work's Twitter feeds (random I know).

With Beauty in the name it kind of had me hooked anyway. The book follows the life of Dina Kane who after a hard start in life realises she's a bit of a beauty mogul. For us beauty bloggers it has a good few references to brands and products I wonder if non-bloggers would pick up on.

The writing leaves you on the edge of your seat, like nerve inducing music is constantly in the background. It has a good mix of good and bad characters, and although Dina has had a bad start she only feels sorry for herself once throughout the whole book. Very much under the chick-lit side of things, it has your main heroine, a few males thrown into the mix whilst also being quite inspiring. It made me want to do something more meaningful with my life.

I purchased this last Sunday and had finished it by Tuesday night. After a disappointing start book-wise to the year (I just couldn't get into Allegiant) it was nice have a book I fully enjoyed.

What books are you loving lately? What should I read next? 

Laura xoxo

p.s Do you enjoy book reviews? I know I do which is why I did this, but if lots of you don't like it I won't do it in future :)

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