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Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Elemental Herbology Oil Control Facial Detox Purifying Facial Mask

So when I was in London my face kind of erupted. It could be down to a number of things, bad eating, not enough water, without my regular skincare, change in water or the pollution. Whatever the reason, it wasn't pretty. 

Toward the end of my trip I found myself in Space NK with more money than I anticiapted having as I couldn't find things I wanted to buy and decided to treat myself to a face mask, and this was the one I chose.

Full of good stuff ready and armed to tackle my blemishes this mask aims to purify the skin by drawing out impurities and soothing the skin, and I must say, it does just that.

From the first use my skin felt a lot calmer, and by the next day blemishes were reduced. I now use it weekly, usually on a Sunday when I like to do a triple mask pamper session. 

If you suffer from a lot of breakouts, this is definitely a product I recommend you checking out!

What do you think?

Laura xoxo

As always, a picture with the mask on. You're welcome!


  1. I love this mask, it really does draw everything out. X

  2. Sounds like a good mask to have in, ready for nasty breakouts :) xxxx


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