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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Top Five Summer Lip Products

I'm turning into a right lip junkie at the moment. Can't get enough of the stuff. That being said, I still don't reapply throughout the day (baby steps.) Here are my picks that I think will see me through the summer.They all look different in the tube, but are all pretty much in the same colour family. C'est la vie. 

First up is Revlon's Suede Effect lipstick in It Girl. This is the perfect shade if you want a nice peachy colour that's going to stay put on your lips.

Next up, Bourjois version of the chubby stick (who doesn't have their own version now?) This colour boost in Orange Punch has SPF in it (perfect for summer) and is easy to apply. Normally I stay away from 'orange' toned lip products, but I love this colour. It definitely has a red/coral undertone.

Another Bourjois lippie next, this time their answer to the Revlon Lip Butters, but in my opinion, better! I love this shade in 20, it is pretty much identical to the colour boost, but the finish leans toward a more glossy feel, lasts a teensy bit longer, and is much more shiny.

A matte lip choice has got to be this one from the Kate Moss Rimmel range in 110. The perfect coral in my opinion. It also has similarities to Firecracker appocalips, which nearly made it to this post, but matte won overall.

Finally, one that on the lips, doesn't have much colour pay off, but made it to this post due to the SPF quality and moisturising feel; the No7 BB Lips in Coral Rush.

What are your favourtie summer lip products?

Laura xoxo

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  1. i NEED the BB lips and the Bourjois Orange Crush :)
    I am loving these colours atm xxxx


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