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Monday, 10 June 2013

Review: Bourjois Healthy Balance Radiant Concealer

I think I've shouted about my love for the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer from the roof tops and more, but one thing I hate about it is the fact that it is so hard to find an unopened, unused tube of the stuff. I mean seriously Boots, sort it out. Therefor, I've decided to pick up Bourjois's version and see how that holds up.

When I was editing this picture to crop it and write which side was which, I actually had to stop and really examine the photo to remember which side, which to me, kinda means that it ain't the noticeable is it?
Now I've spotted it, I can see how it does conceal a bit, but it hasn't completely eradicated my ever so lovely suitcases. Then again, I doubt cement would cover up those bad boys.

As you can see, there is slight creasing going on here, and my bags aren't completely illuminated in the way I feel that Maybelline does, but I do actually find that this concealer isn't a bad second. I've tried the Collection Illuminating Concealer and didn't like that at all, this definitely beats that, but for me, it doesn't hold what the Maybelline does. 

A Quick Comparison

Whilst they don't appear that different under the eye, I find that the Maybelline version is that little bit of a fuller coverage, and I prefer the more yellow undertone that it carries. I also find it that bit more illuminating too.

Have you tried either of these? What do you think?

Laura xoxo


  1. I love your makeup in the full face pic, especially the blush! :) I haven't used this concealer (or the Maybelline one) but I generally like Bourjois products so I wouldn't mind trying it out. I don't really use concealer under the eyes normally though - but I've been eyeing the NARS one!

    1. Thank you :)
      You must try the Maybelline one :)
      Ah NARS, such a tempting mistress.


  2. I have the L'Oreal one (which is amazing by the way!) and I don't know if you use yours over concealer but they work best on top of concealer for a bit extra coverage / illuminating :-) I've reviewed it if you wanna have a look, you can really tell from the photo's just how illuminating it is would highlyyy recommend it over the Collection, Maybelline etc xxxx

  3. This looks pretty good :) but have to agree Maybelline is the better one. Damn those messy Boots customers! xxxx


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