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Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I Wore this Week

My first week of university freedom, and I really haven't done much. I've read, a lot. I've missed reading for fun, which sounds so dull, but I love a good book, if you have any lighthearted recommendations, please leave them below for me. Aside from that, a lot of babysitting, I don't know if I've mentioned but I pick up my youngest brother from school now that my step mom has gone back to work (3 days a week) and it is rather challenging/draining. Why I feel the need to share this with you, I don't know. On with the outfits.

Monday: All Asda

Tuesday: Dress: ASOS // Shoes: Topshop

Wendesday: Scarf and Shirt: New Look // Boots: Asda // Skirt: Topshop

Thursday: Scarf: H&M // Top: Topshop // Boots: Asda

Friday: Top: New Look //Boots: Topshop

Saturday: Cardigan: Asda // Top: New Look // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Primark

Have a lovely week,

Laura xoxo


  1. I love Tuesday's dress and Wednesday's scarf is absolutely gorgeous :) x

  2. love love love your scarves my stylish friend! xxxx

  3. Look at the summery outfits:( sun! where be you? Needs to come back.

  4. I love the Tuesday dress, it's so pretty and looks fab on you xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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