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Sunday, 5 May 2013

What I Wore this Week

So, it's May now. How scary? I've got one more essay to hand in on Tuesday and I am finished with university. So weird. Aside from working I've been ill again this week which is annoying, but I have managed to do a few fun things. I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday and although I was dubious when going in, I actually really enjoyed it, it didn't feel two hours which I thought it may. Anyway, here is what I wore this week.

Monday: Top: New Look // Skirt & Shoes: Topshop

Tuesday: Shirt: Asda // Shoes: Converse

Wednesday: Cardigan: Primark // Dress & Shoes: Asda

Thursday: All Topshop

Friday: Top: M&S // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Topshop

Saturday: Top: New Look // Jeans : Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Topshop

Hope you have a good week,

Laura xoxo


  1. Finished with Uni? You are so lucky!
    I love all your outfits :)

  2. You look lovely in 'our' dress! :)
    I love those little brown sandals so, so much! xxxx

  3. Love the mint cardi and the gorgeous dress you wore on Thursday! I've been ill this week too, just been wearing pjs since Thursday! Hope you are feeling better my love xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Aw, thank you :)
      Aw, hope you feel better too :)


  4. That blouse from Saturday is lovely! :) Wow you're done with Uni already? :o I would love to have that haha! :) x Laura

    1. Thanks :)
      I know, such a relief!



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