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Monday, 25 February 2013

Review: Stila, Merry and Bright

I got this lovely palette from Shen for Christmas. I never really intended to blog about it just because I'm presuming it's limited edition, but I've been using it a rather lot lately and just had to share, as I think you can get each thing individually.

There are six colours in the set that gives you a lovely golden smokey eye. As you would expect each compliments each other perfectly.

The stand out thing for me at the moment though is the convertible colour in Lilium. I don't normally use blushers from sets, especially lip/cheek ones, but I am now obsessed with this cheek colour, which is the main reason I'm sharing this today.

I found the colours can be used really subtly for a nice everyday smokey eye, but if you add more of the molasses (the dark brown colour) it can be made even smokier for evening.

Lilium applies so nicely and looks so natural on the cheeks. It blends really well, and gives the most natural flush a girl could want.

Overall I love this set, and if you can't your hands on that, I defintely recommend getting the convertible colour, and there are similar colours to the shadows in the In The Light palette.

So major thanks to Shen!!! Have you got this?

Laura xoxo


  1. I have this (thanks Shen!) and love all the colours too! Not tried the cheek colour yet, but now I've seen it on you, I definitely need to! You gorgeous girl xxxx

  2. :) Yay I'm glad you liked it and you too Rach! Stila and neutrals. I didn't think I could go wrong really?! I think stila's convertible colours are amazing.

    1. No, you couldn't :) It's love :)


  3. Love Stila eyeshadows.
    I'm giving that palette away in my er giveaway

    Jules x

  4. ohh this looks nice :)

  5. Looks really cute, love the colours!!


  6. Aww you lucky girl :) I love the blush, it really is a gorgeous colour and it looks great on you xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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