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Sunday, 28 October 2012

What I Wore this Week

Tuesday: Scarf: H&M // Top: Topshop // Boots: New Look

Wednesday: Scarf: H&M // Top: Topshop // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Boots: Primark

Thursday: Scarf: H&M // Top: Dorothy Perkins // Boots & Socks: Primark

Friday: Top: New Look // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Topshop

Saturday: Hoodie: Souviner Shop // Boots: George at Asda

So another boring week of outfits for me again. I've basically been at uni, doing uni work or shopping I think. If I do anything of merit, it will more than likely be tweeted or instagrammed (callofbeautyb) so if you would like to follow me on either, I would be more than thrilled.

Hope you have a lovely week.

Laura xoxo


  1. it's refreshing to see someone post more laid back and less fancy outfit posts. That's pretty how I dress on a daily basis for college.

  2. Aw gorgeous outfits as usual :)
    I love the scarf on Wednesday and Thursday!! looks cosy :) xxxx


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