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Sunday, 14 October 2012

What I Wore this Week

It feels nice doing another one of these posts, I actually really enjoy them, who'd have thought haha! This week has been pretty much uni based, with a lovely shopping trip with Rachel, a trip to the hairdressers and seeing my beautiful baby sister and brother.

Monday: Shirt: George at Asda // Scarf: Topshop

Tuesday: Top & Boots: New Look // Skirt: Topshop

Wednesday: Cardigan & Skirt: Topshop // Top: Fat Face // Boots: New Look

Thursday: All Topshop - I also wore my New Look Boots

Friday: Top: Topshop // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Boots: Primark // Scarf: H&M

Saturday: Top: George at Asda // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Zara

Today will probably be a joggers day, I got up at nine to do some uni work, and now rewarding myself with a shower and blogging, oo how exciting my life is.

Also, the most exciting news of all, I now have an iPhone, wooo! I've never had a phone with internet before, which is probably why, if you follow me on Twitter, you will see I've become a tweeto'holic.
But this also means I now have Instagram which excites me immensely. If you have any app recommendations please let me know!

Instagram: callofbeautyb
Draw Something: LauraTrysToDraw

Give us a cheeky follow if you like!

Have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. i am thinking cozy was the theme ;)
    love it.


  2. You looked lovely on Thursday! Thanks again for the lifts and fab time :)
    Also really like Tuesday, and Friday! Is it your new jumper? Looks veryy nice :) xxxx

    1. No problem at all :) Had such a good day, we must do it again soon :)
      Thank you, yes it is :) I loves it :)


  3. Love the outfit choices! comfortable but chic!


    I have a giveaway on my blog which you can enter here Red Rock Fashion Competition

  4. I'm addicted to instagram since I got my new phone! My username is thesbeauty101 of you want to follow me. :)

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. I wish we had a TopShop in Memphis! I love your Monday's look!

    1. Aw, I do appear to be addicted to that shop.
      Thank you :)



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