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Sunday, 12 August 2012

What I Wore this Week

It really feels like this week has flown by, it's going to be September before we know it, which lets face it, that's a very scary concept!

Monday: Scarf, Cardgian, Top: New Look // Shoes: Ralph Lauren
On Monday I met the lovely Shen and Rachel and had a fabulous day shopping. It really was so lovely and so happy that I met them!

Tuesday: Top, Skirt, Shoes: Topshop
I bought this skirt from Topshop on Monday when shopping and I love how girly it is. Makes a change from my usual vest. I spent the day Tuesday driving down to Bristol for the day to help my friend move into her new flat.

Wednesday: Skirt, Top, Shoes: Topshop // Scarf: Dorothy Perkins
Wednesday I took my nan shopping for her birthday, which was a lovely little day.

Thursday: Top: New Look // Shoes: Shoe Zone
On Thursday I took my little brother to the park to meet my nan and grandad and little cousins and have fun playing in the sun.

Friday: Top: George at Asda
On Friday I just did my usual Library stuff, fun filled Friday!

Saturday: Jumper: Gift /// Top, Boots: New Look
Not a lot yesterday, just chilling really.

Today I have no clue what is happening or what I'm wearing ha!

Hope you have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. You did look very nice on Monday, such a good day :)
    and I LOVE you in that skirt, you've really tempted me to get the grey one again! xxxx

    1. Thank you, as did you :)
      Thank you :) GET IT :)


  2. I really like Tuesday's skirt, Wednesday's top and Friday's top! :) You look super cute with your glasses as well :D

  3. I love Tuesday's outfit :) x

  4. Monday is my fave outfit but that's cos I saw you then and you looked fit as!

    1. Haha, aw you making me blush!!!



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