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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Perfect Pair

Pull your mind out of the gutter please, I am not going to be discussing the ladies chest area, rather two things that I think work extremely well together. I have already done a post like this before, here, and have found a few more things that I find work fabulously together, and just had to share. You know, 'cause I'm a kind, sharing, loving person and all that!

First up, lets talk hair:

Coconut Oil (Superdrug) // James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask (Boots)

My hair means a lot to me, it's sad but true. I want it to grow, I try to look after it, and with that in mind, I like to treat it. In a desperate attempt to keep my split ends at bay until I can pay for a hair cut I've been using masks to keep it healthy and hydrated (as well as less heat and all the usual shabang.) Both are great products on their own, but together, they are like Batman and Robin, Minnie and Mickey, Ben and Jerry (you get the idea,) they work brilliantly. I like to put it on at night then wash it out in the morning, and I am left with Loreal, you're worth it, shake that hair, type hair.

Moving on to the lips:

Rimmel Lipstick in Asia // No.7 High Shine Lipgloss in Smile

I am a lover of lip gloss over lipstick, and these two work so well together. I think it is such a classy, yet neutral colour for the lips. I really like, I can't say much else can I?


Benefit Hoola // Dior Amber Diamond

So if you read yesterday's post on my July Favourites, you will know how much I love these products. Separately, amazing, together even better. I love mixing them together to get a lovely golden glowing look to my skin, whilst still looking slightly polished. I think it just looks really good, especially when I have a tan! I feel glowy, bronzed and golden, and let's face it, who doesn't want to feel like that?

Also, I couldn't decided which picture to use as an opening picture, so I'm putting this in too, 'cause it is too cute not to share.

So what products do you like using together?

Laura xoxo

(Images from We Heart it, but not the product ones, they are alll mineeee)


  1. That last picture is so cute. It reminds me of my friend's little girl when she went to an ugly bug ball last year dressed as a butterfly. Awww...

    Anyway - this post is great. I love your pairings here. I love using MAC clear lipglass with any lipstick. It just makes almost every lip colour look phenomenal.

    Also hair treats I like using aromatherapy oils that rub on to my scalp and then following with John Frieda Night Serum. It all gets triple shampooed out in the morning so it leaves my hair looking really hydrated and every time I move my hair I smell like Jasmine or Roses or whatever I have used.

    Helen xxx

    1. Aww, I want my little sister to dress up as a ladybug, 'cause she just has that look haha!
      Thank you :) Yes lipgloss just makes lipstick :)
      Ooo I will have to try that thanks :)


  2. I love using Barry M's Dusky Mauve and H&M's Lemon Sorbet nail polishes together, the colours kind of contrast but in a good way x

    1. Ooo I'll have a look at those colours :)
      I love contrasting nails :)


  3. My mom loves the coconut stuff from superdrug :) and I can't get enough of the James Brown products, they're so so good :)
    Your face looks so lovely and natural with the Dior and Benefit products, I'm so jealous! :)
    Agree too about gloss over lipstick, and I really like putting a revlon lip butter over lipstick too :) xxxx

    1. It is really good :)
      Ah, it is love :)
      Ooo I've never tried that, now I must though!

  4. I love the last photo so cute! My friend brought back loads of coconut oil from Guyana when she lived there.
    Amber diamond + hoola looks phit.

  5. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower -- hope you can check my blog out too! : )

  6. The Dior bronzer looks fab! I'm envious - I need to start saving up to get myself some more high-end beauty products. The photos you used of the couple and the kids are really cute - I like that little touch about your blog. :)

  7. hahahaha oh u made me laugh!-first part of course :)
    great post!


    1. Glad I can bring a smile to your day :)
      Thank you :)



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