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Sunday, 8 July 2012

What I Wore this Week

Well, as you can see from the outfits, this week has been pretty uneventful. A lot of errand running/doing nothing. I've also manged to catch a delightful cold, which is just what I want in July. Also, I am get extremely fed up with this rain. If it was cold I could probably deal with it, as I could dress for it, but this whole hot, yet rainy is so incredibly annoying. Just give me a hint of sunshine, not even heat, as this gloomy weather is seriously just depressing.

Monday: Jumper: H&M // Boots: New Look
I got this jumper in the H&M sale and it is sooo cozy and comfy. I ended up running a few errands in the morning then spent the rest of the day chilling with the grandparents, my gorgeous baby sister and littlest brother.

Tuesday: Top: George at Asda // Slippers: Unknown
This top was a b'day present from my mommy, and is so comfy and snuggly, perfect for slobby days around the house. I found out that I have to do an essay over summer (joy) so I started that on Tuesday as, although it isn't in till August 20th, I just want to get it out the way and done with so I can get back to my summer of doing nothing ha!

Wendesday: Top: George at Asda // Joggers: New Look
Forgive me for wearing the same top, I know, but I didn't leave the house either days, and did nothing strenious, so deemed it ok. Wednesday, again was spent reading books for my essay (eugh, I'm dreading September.) Wednesday also involved a lot of procrastination, I am the procrastination queen.

Thursday: Top: George at Asda // Scarf & Boots: New Look // Cardigan: Ralph Lauren
Thursday consisted of shopping and lunch, my favourite kind of day. I went into B'ham with one of my besties and did a fair bit of shopping and swatching. My bank balance definitely took a big hit. But my face was happy haha! I also had a little 'oooo' moment when, just before my friend getting samples of the new YSL foundation, I was giving my friend some advice to help her skin (not in a do this way, just tips I've picked up from blogging) and then the MU gave her the same advice. I left feeling rather smug (in a none up myself way haha.)

Friday: Joggers: New Look // Hoodie: Leavers Hoodie
So I woke up with the dreaded realisation that the cold I felt brewing had decided to make itself prominently down. In July, seriously. I felt really rough when I woke up so cancelled my plans I had for cuddles with my baby sister (so gutted) and stayed in bed for ages. I finally showered and felt more human, but Friday was pretty much a write off of a day.

Saturday: Top: George at Asda // Cardigan: Red Herring // Shoes: Zara
The usual Saturday routine of grandparent visiting and Asda shopping took place in between my snivels. I finally finshed the books I had to read, now just got to do the essay ( blah.)

Sunday: Top: New Look
Today, I'm going for a walk in a bit, then getting the other books (text books) I need for this essay, well writing a list of the ones I need to pick up when I take my grandparents to Derby tomorrow. I then plan to have a pamper sesh. Masks galore and all that jazz.

I want to finish this post with a little mention of HQ hair. A lovely PR lady sent me an email letting me know that they are now stocking Japonesque brushes, and kindly sent me a sample. After reading this email I went onto the site, and oh my goodness, they stock some amazing things, and it's free delivery, so I think it is definitely worth you checking out, and I can't wait to do some spending on there.They also do lots of deals and free gifts too, at the moment, if you spend £100 you can get a free Urban Decay Palette, and if you buy a Japonesque brush you get one for free.*

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Laura xoxo

*Although I was sent somethings from the brand, I have not been asked, or compesnated for writing about them. I genuinely feel that it is a good site, and I myself will be using them, and I feel that I should share them with you.


  1. Lovely lovely outfits again :) I love that you post your day-in outfits too! not good about your cold, get well soon sweetie!
    Totally agree about the weather, it's meant to get a little colder this week though :) xxxx

    1. Aw thank you :)
      I know, annoying that you!
      Ah I guess that's something then!!! Why can't we have normal weather? Hahaha


  2. omg, adore all the looks. Fabulous post, love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo


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