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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Island Essentials

(Don't ask how this picture is relevant to the post, just go with it.)

It is a well asked question, if you were to go on a desert Island, what would you take with you. For me, it would me family and friends (how cliche.) But to be honest with you, being stranded on a desert Island does not appeal to me. I would rather build a house at the top of a hill to escape instead. 

Anyway, if you are from the UK, you may be aware of the show Shipwrecked, which is basically a group of people left on a tropical Island, so I had a thought, if I was to go on that show, what would I take with me. I also think that this post could kind of double as a summer essentials type thing? (basically, I wanted to take pictures in the sun, ok?)

First up a bit of moisturiser with SPF in it. Ideally I would take one with a bit of tint to it, which I am on the look out for, so keep your eyes peeled for what I find. But this one is lovely, really nourshing too. It is the Garnier Full Restore one, and  I really like it. If you don't have a tinted moisturier with SPF, try mixing a splash of foundation in a ordinary one.

My Tangle Teezer. The salt water would really get my hair knotty, so this would be essential. Brush it through my hair when wet, then let it dry naturally, for a wavy desert island look!

Eyelash curlers. I would't take mascara with me, it may dry out or run, or just be too much effort. But to still give my eyes a bit of life, and good curl would do me nicely.

The only bit of make-up I would take, concealer. Lets face it, I want to hide my blemishes, but still look 'natural.' So a good concealer would be a must!

Finally, my tweezers, because as we all know, hair grows in the sun, and I do not want to end up looking like I have two hairy slugs living on my face!!! Plus I've just come to realise how much brows can make and shape your face, so I want to look after them.

So a bit of a weird post from me, but hey ho! What would be your Island essentials?

Laura xoxo


  1. My island essentials probably has to be my waterproof mascara and tinted moisturiser with SPF in it, also sun cream!!!! Xoox

  2. SPF would be my essential to prevent early ageing!

    nice post!

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    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  3. Great idea for a post!

    Been reading your blog for a little while and it's given me inspiration to start my own :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Aw thank you, that's such a lovely thing to say, thank you!


  4. Does it have to be 5? I'd take 3 of yours but the concelear and spf i'd change to a tinted moisturiser with SPF and a tinted lip balm that could double as a blush instead of the curlers! =)

    1. Haha, well, you could add more haha!
      Nice choices :)


  5. Ooh I want to do this post too, You have great ideas!
    Have to agree with all your choices! Except I'd rather have mascara than a curler as they do nothingg for me! Xxxx


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