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Friday, 9 March 2012

Fashion Friday

This week for fashion Friday I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Fashion blogs that I read. I wanted to do this because I get so much inspiration from what I see online and wanted to share what I find with you. Remember, sharing is caring!

1) This is one of the first blogs I found, before I even started my own blog and I love seeing it appear in my blog feed. Laura (I'm not biased due to the name) writes with such a witty, fun and easy to read style. Her style is flawless and she always looks glamours, whether she be wearing a gorgeous blazer and heels or jeans and a T-shirt. She has a mixture of posts that always give inspiration and ideas, I couldn't recommend it enough.

2) Anna's blog is so amazing. Her pictures are very creative and you can tell she has a real passion for what she is doing. Not only does she show you her amazing outfits, she also shows how celebrities wear the same trends and gives you ideas on how to achieve the same look yourself. Again she is one of the first blog's I came across and really spurred me to blog. It is amazing at what she has and  is continuing to achieve. (Also, she was featured on the Lauren Conrad website!!!)

3) I really enjoy Kirsty's blog. I only found it a while ago, but I found that she is able to put together some gorgeous outfits. She also wears a lot of brands that I've never heard of which I love because, it means you can add even more shops to your wishlist. As well as fashion posts she also does weekly summary posts too and the odd miscellaneous post here and there.

4) I really like Lucy's style, she makes me think of new ways to wear outfits. Her outfits always look like they've just been pulled together (in a good way,) yet you can tell that a lot thought that goes in to each outfit, which is why not everyone can pull these styles off. Plus, it helps that she always looks stunning in everything she wears. She also does great posts on other non-fashion related ideas such as how to put good use to old jam jars and weekly round-ups to name a few. Also, how cute is her i-phone cover?

5) Tanya's blog contains such colourful posts. It's such a bright and lovely blog to look at. Her photos are always taken in beautiful locations and in most of her pictures she is wearing a gorgeous pop of colour. It really inspires me to inject more colour into my everyday outfits. She's also been featured on the Company website! Congratulations.

6) I love looking at Rebeka's blog. Her pictures always look lovely, and her outfits are all ones I wish I owned myself. She always looks stunning and her style is one to lust after. As well as her gorgeous outfits she also post other lovely posts, including hair and skincare.She was also featured in Korean Elle! Amazing.

7)Kirsty posts lovely outfits and you can tell she puts a lot of thought into what she is wearing and how she captures it. As well as  gorgeous outfits Kirsty also posts lovely nails and accessories. Her outfits, and posts, are always well put together and such an enjoyable read.

8) Apart from the fact I have serious hair envy, I always think that Lily is able to put together outfits that I would never had thought of myself (reasons why I love looking at fashion blogs) and she has so many items of clothing I wish I owned. As well as her fantastic fashion posts, Lily also posts weekly round-up posts as well as having a beauty blog too -
(She has also been given an award in the Company for Best Blog for High Street Lovers. Congratulations!)

9) You should also check out Katy's blog. Her style is so lovely and she always takes gorgeous photos. Plus she has cake in her blog title, and who doesn't love a bit of cake? She writes in a way that makes me smile and seems like such a fun person to have around. At the moment she has a series of guest blogger posting which is very interesting so check her out.

10) Another fairly new find is Morven's blog. Her style and pictures look like they have been taken straight out of a magazine. Her outfits are extremely gorgeous, as is she, and the locations she chooses to shoot in always add even more edge to her outfit. Not only does she show us her lovely outfits, you will also find a mixture of beauty and accessories posts too.

I read so many more fashion blogs but I could be here for a while, so I restricted myself to ten, but I'm thinking of doing another Fashion Friday post like this in the future as I'm always finding new blogs, and think posts like these are a great way to find them. I hope I've given you some new reading, or you're already following them.

Please leave me links below if you're a fashion blog, or know of any good ones.

Happy Friday!

Laura xoxo


  1. Followed a couple, great recommendations :) xxx

  2. Such great recommendations. I love all of their styles xx

    1. Thank you, glad you agree :)



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