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Monday, 6 February 2012

Free Makeup...

...well if you purchase the magazine. I don't know about you but I reallly wanted to try the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere after hearing so many good reviews about the aqua lumiere. However it does carry a £36 price tag, so when I got a sample in my Glamour magazine I couldn't wait to try it out, however I'm left slightly disapointed.

Aside from the fact that is was the wrong shade (which I can overlook, it was in a magazine) it just didn't give a good coverage. It smelt amazing, and felt amazing when on my skin and I love how soft and silky my face felt, but that does not justify a £36 price for me. As I said the coverage was just not worth the money, I would expect little concealer required and flawless-eqsue and that I did not get. I also found it hard to blend after I had put it on, so you would have to work fast with it. Saying that though a lot came off as I took my pyjama top off afterwards.

As you can see it is slightly orange, but aside from that my blemishes still show, which is the same as my BB cream gives me, and that costs £7. I think that if you have the money to spend and are looking for a light coverage than this would be a good foundation, as my skin felt lovely afterwards and it has a gorgeous smell.  However I won't be purchasing this (unless I win the lottery) it just isn't for me. Overall I would give this a 6/10.

My second freebie is something I'm sure you all know about, the Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara. I was really excited about this, I don't normally purcahse Elle but this mascara did it for me. It has a lovely fat, simple brush, which I love and doesn't clump at the end. I think it is quite easy to apply though the coverage again isn't that good, unless you coat it up.

Overall I would give this mascara a 7/10 as it does give my lashes a nice natural look, being thick and getting it fast though is something it just doesn't do.

Hope this is helpful.

Does any one else go by the freebies they get given in magazines?

Laura xoxo


  1. I bought ELLE magazine purely for the free Soap & Glory mascara, but I was a bit disappointed with it. xx

    1. Yeah, I think I would've been very dissapointed if I had paid the full £10 for it.


  2. aw atleast u tried them :)
    im a follower ... maybe you could come visit my page and follow me too <3
    mwah x

    1. Exactly, would be more annoyed if I had paid full price for them.

      Ofcourse I'll go and check you out :)



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