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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Babyliss Waving Wand

I've seen this product numerous times floating around the interest, specifically in Tanya Burrs video. I really love the natural wavy look and find that I can't wear my hair straight at the moment, it just looks too flat and dull. After finding my straighteners either made my hair too curly or not enough of a wave, and with natural hair not being 100% reliable I thought I'd give these a go.

 As you can see this wand is an oval shape, not the usual round. This is what stops your hair from looking too ringlety which can happen with a round barrel.

It comes with various heat settings so that you can suit it to your hair type. I like to use the top two settings personally (with heat protectant obviously.)

It also comes with a heat protectant glove which I love and has saved me many burnt fingers, I would recommend using it.

So how does it look I hear you ask? Well here is a picture of me with my morning fluff ball:

And here are a couple of shots with the waving wand:

So what do you think?? I got my waving wand from Boots for a special price of £20 (I think they normally retail around the £30 mark.)

Do you have a waving wand, what do you think?
What's your favourite hair style?

Laura xoxo


  1. good deal for £20 :) looks nice. I prefer to wear my hair straight as i have naturally curly hair and can't stand it x

    1. Ah mines naturally quite straight. Guess the grass is always greener haha :)



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