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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My Chin up Chicken Routine

If your day has resonated a bit too well with the Daniel Powter song, then this is a routine made for you.
Now, I say it's a routine, it's more like little things you can do to make yourself feel better rather than a step by step plan, 'cause each bad day needs a different remedy. So no matter what's got you reaching for a tub of Ben and Jerry's to sob in to (whether it be a ladder in your favourite pair of tights or a crappy day at work) hopefully something in this list will help you end your day on a positive.

- Go ahead and give yourself a new manicure. Knowing you'll have freshly painted, chip free (here's hoping) nails the next day will give instantly make you feel like you're a strong independent woman who don't need no man.

- Eat all the comfort food. This doesn't necessarily have to be unhealthy comfort food, you can go anyway you like, but if you feel like you need to make an ice cream sandwich with Ben and Jerry's ice cream, doughnuts and huge cookies, you go for it gurl.

- Watch Gossip Girl, Clueless or Scandal. Seriously. Nothing makes me feel like taking on the world after being inspired by the likes of Blair Waldorf, Cher Horowitz and Olivia Pope.

- Sort your life out, or maybe just your immediate space. Sorting things out and giving yourself a nice clear space can do wonders for cleaning the mind and soul. Tidy mind and all that, plus you may find some hidden gems that'll turn your day right around.

- Get in the shower or bath tub and cleanse, tone, exfoliate every last part of you. Then slip your PJ's on and feel accomplished and smooth and clean and fresh. Ahhhhh.

- Take off any item of clothing that is even slightly restricting and put your comfies on, when your belly can breathe easy, you can breath easy. Plus, home is where the bra isn't and all that.

- Switch off your phone and disconnect from the world. Sometimes you need to forget that the other idiots on the planet exist, and just take some time out.

- Get online, this is completely contradictory to the point above (hence why these posts are ideas, not a step by step), but sometimes if you're stressing 'cause you feel isolated, then getting online and interacting can do wonders. For me, I love going on Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram and looking at pretty pictures, it really calms me down. You do what's best for you.

- Just go to bed. Sometimes you just need to hunker down and drift off. Plus sleep is a time machine to breakfast, and breakfast is just the best.

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