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Friday, 3 April 2015

21 thoughts you have when you first set up a Twitter for your blog

1) OMG my follower count is going to go up so quickly.

2) I should probably make a blog post telling everyone I have Twitter so they follow me.

3) Actually maybe that's a bit desperate, let's add it to the end of my next blog post.

4) Why haven't I got a thousand followers yet?

5) Quick write something witty and brilliant so that everyone in the universe re-tweets it.

6) Oh, it only got one favourite... maybe I'm not as hilarious as I think.

7) No, that can't be true. People must just not get my humour.

8) This blog post hasn't been read by many people, I know I'll tweet it out.

9) How many times can I re-word this sentence so it looks like I'm tweeting something new?

10) Damn you one 141st character.

11) Oooo a #bbloggers chat. That's a great way to gain loads of new followers.

12) Ah, Twitter drama, how exciting.

13) Oh, another lot of Twitter drama, erm ok.

14) MORE Twitter drama, yawn.

15) I haven't tweeted all day. I wonder if people have missed me...

16) Why are other people's lives more exciting than mine? This is not fair.

17) How come when one person posts a picture of their cat it goes viral and they earn millions yet a picture of my cat is lucky to get a favourite?

18) No ones has commented, favourited or re-tweeted my selife, am I that ugly? Maybe the duck face pout to show off my new lipstick isn't that great...

19) I know, I'll post a picture of my new nail varnish, people eat that shit up


21) I wonder if I should set up an Instagram...

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