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Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Favourites: Blog Posts

With the amount of beauty blogs and bloggers out there, it is easy to focus on the competitive side of blogging and feel the need to push yourself and your blog to be better than everyone elses. I know that I've felt like this at times; however, I feel that it's more important to share what you've been loving instead and give others some love. To me, it's like smiling at someone as you walk past them on the street; as soon as someone smiles back it makes you smile even more. So, without further ado, here are some blog posts I've loved over the past month or so.

Alexa Chung - Into The Gloss - I've never really gotten the whole 'Alexa Chung' thing. Sure, I've always found her to be very pretty, and her make-up always looks amazing; but I've never been obsessed or anything. However, reading this blog post really made me like her as a person, not just a make-up idol. She seemed so laid back, and appeared to have her head screwed on, which was nice. Plus she talked her favourite beauty bits and bobs, which I'm sure everyone loves.

Boutique Beauty Hacks #1 - Megs Boutique - I'm sure everyone loves a good tip or too, I know that reading blogs and watching videos has increased by beauty knowledge ten fold, and Meg's post definitely doesn't disappoint. I really like that this is appears to be a series, as I found the tips Meg put forward really useful. I definitely agree with using a highlighting primer to blur blemishes a great tip, and one I use myself!

Style: Boyfriend Jeans - Katherine Louise - Kat's style posts in general have been a favourite of mine recently. I really love the way she puts her posts together. This post in particular had me scouring ASOS looking for some boyfriend jeans for myself, before I realised I wouldn't be able to pull them off. Anyway, I really like the way Kat styled her jeans, and think she totally pulls of this trend.

I Love You Because - Sprinkle Of Glitter - A bit different from the other posts I've just mentioned, but one I really enjoyed reading. In life it's really easy to take the ones you love for granted and forget to let them know just how much they mean to you in life. I think the way Louise went about this was really lovely, and left me inspired to let those around me know just how much I cherish them.

Social Media Tools Every Blogger Should Try - LLYMLRS - Working in social media myself, the title of this post grabbed me. I've always been quite lax with pushing my posts on social media, however I never realised how much it actually helps get my blog posts read by more people. I think that sometimes people are more inclined to read posts if they see it in their Twitter Timeline sometimes. Whilst I'd heard of some of the sites in the posts, and IFTTT have become my new favourite toys. A very informative post.

What have been your favourite blog posts of the past month?

Laura xoxo

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  1. Fantastic recommendations! I read a lot of these blogs too!



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