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Monday, 5 May 2014

Review: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner

A couple of month's ago I was meeting someone and had some time to kill beforehand and happened to find myself stumbling into Harvery Nic's, perusing the Kiehl's counter and leaving with this product. I'd always wanted to try something from Kiehl's and with my trust Origins Dr Weils Mega Mushroom Skin Relief running out I saw this as my opportunity.

First Impression

First of all the bottle comes with a little seal over the top which I really like as I know it hasn't been opened by anyone else, and that it's fresh. The liquid is a white milky colour and came out much thicker than I was expecting. Usually I associate toners with a watery texture, however this gave the feeling of a very light cleanser (think the Simple cream cleanser you get, it reminded me of a weaker version of that.) Whilst at first it baffled me slightly and got me re-reading the bottle to make sure I definitely picked up a toner I actually really like it. I find this extra thickness means that it applies much more easily and I can really feel it sinking into my skin rather than gliding across it, however it doesn't leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy which could've happened.


After having this in my collection for a while now I can safely say I really like it. The thickness of the product means it is hydrating and it leaves my skin feeling plump sand fresh after use. The effects are pretty similar to the Origins toner that I love and this is only £16.50 compared to the £25 Origins sets you back by. (I can't believe I'm saying only for £16.50)

If you're looking at getting into Kiehl's than I would definitely recommend you give this a try.

Now, what's the next Kiehl's product I need to get my hands on? I'm thinking their sunscreen?

Laura xoxo

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