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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Throwback Thursday: Back to MAC

I'll always remember when I first stumbled across Tanya Burr's YouTube channel way back in November 2011 and spent many evenings watching every video trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Something that cropped up in a lot of those videos was a MAC palette, and it wasn't all that long till I decided I wanted to make my own (5 months, to be exact.)

Last year I actually finished my palette (you can see a full video here) however with not wearing much make-up in the week, I don't find myself using this palette as much as I used to, or should be doing.

However, when getting ready the other night I decided to open the palette and thanked myself for building it, as it really does contain some of the nicest colours I own. Yes it does have a few 'Oh god why did I choose this' colours, but it also has some that I just love to use. Here are my top five, that I wish to share with you.

For a paler, yet still quite shimmery shade I have two recommendations. First up Patina. Now the first ever video I watched was a Bella Thorne wedding make-up tutorial and one of the eyeshadows used was Patina and from that moment one I was sure I'd own it one day. It's a gorgeous dark golden, almost burnt bronze with a subtle shimmer running through it. If you don't wish to go quite so dark, then I think you're next stop should be Era. Slightly lighter, yet still with the same finish, Era really is such an amazing colour for all over the lids. If you want a bit of definition in the crease with these shadows, may I recommend Wedge. A matte brown shade that I love either all across the lid on it's own, or the perfect contour shade. Whether you need to make a smokey eye less harsh, or you're just looking for tiny bit of definition, these are your guys.

Now for the two that are great if you want to get a little smokey. For a summer time bronzed smokey eye, Mulch is your guy. For me, this is the definition of burnt out bronze, it has the perfect array of bronze, gold and shimmer. The final shade I want to talk about goes with pretty much anything, really. Satin Taupe again is a TB enabled purchase, but is one of the most versatile shades in my palette. It's the perfect mix of brown, purple and shimmer that works with every eye shade. Whenever I'm in doubt, this always comes out (hey, I'm a poet!)

So those are my top MAC shades, what are yours?

Laura xoxo

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