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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to Extend your Reading List

Sometimes it's easy to find yourself getting stuck in a bit of a rut, both in life and in the blogging world. I for one fall into ruts on many occasions. It's always the same I have a good handful of unread blog posts in my bloglovin' yet I still find myself wanting a new blog to read. To me, a good blog is the same as a good book, I want to find one and get lost in it. I know I've found a good blog when I find myself scrolling through it's archive. The same goes for videos too, I can have plenty in my watch-later folder and still want someone new to watch. The idea for this very post came whilst I was hunting for something new to get lost in and thought I'd share some of my tips (if you can call them that!) with you.

1) Search Key Words - whether it be in Google, bloglovin' or YouTube type in key word you're looking for and scroll through the results. I love watching Get Ready with Me videos so type that into YouTube to see what videos there are out there. If you like a certain type of blog post search for that too, or even just search 'beauty blogs' to see what's out there.

2) Scroll Through People's Blog Rolls - Many bloggers tend to keep a blog roll full of their favourite reads. If you search through a blogger you really enjoys blog roll you're more often than not likely to find some more blogs that you'll like too.

3) Take Advantage of 'Popular Posts' and 'Top Videos' Sections on Social Media Sites - Bloglovin is great at showcasing what is popular right now, as is YouTube, take some time to scroll through and you may find some new favourites. I also really like bloglovin's 'up and coming' feature.

4) Look at Recommended Twitter Suggestions - You know those people you see on the side of your Twitter feed where they suggest people you might know? Well if you follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter it's pretty likely those people will be bloggers too. Have a scroll through their tweets, see if you like their personality, then go take a peek at their blog.

5) See What Others Are Liking on Instagram - I'm always looking for new people to follow on Instagram (I love looking at pretty pictures) and find seeing what other people are liking through the 'News' section. Nine times out of ten the person is a blogger of some sort (I follow a lot of bloggers) so if I like their insta-snaps I'm pretty sure I'll like their blog too.

Finding new blogs not only is a great way to use your free time but I find it also inspires me in my own blogging as it opens my eyes to new features and image layouts.

How do you like to find new reading material? Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers?

Laura xoxo 

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